22 Fruit and Vegetable Crochet Patterns

It is so fun to crochet food. You can crochet amigurumi for children's play sets, appliqués for decorating items of all sorts, and even food-inspired clothing and costumes just for fun. You can find crochet food patterns of all types, including lots of candy crochet patterns. But what if you want to celebrate healthy eating, vegetarianism, or just the goodness of nature's foods? These 22 fruit and vegetable crochet patterns are for you.

These patterns can also be used in educating young children about food. Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, but many kids are picky when they are young and don't like to try new things. Introducing foods to them in the form of crocheted characters that they can play with and interact with is one terrific option for parents, caregivers, and educators. Some of these patterns have cute faces added on which will appeal to that age group (and to all of us). Who says you can't play with your food?

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    Fruit Crochet Coasters

    Circular crocheted fruit coasters in the shapes of watermelon, lemon, and oranges.

    Marinke Slump, A Creative Being, Envato Tuts+

    One of the easiest ways to crochet fruit is to crochet circles in the colors of fruit slices. These circles can become a variety of items, the simplest of which is a coaster. These fruit-inspired crochet coasters designed by Marinke Slump for Envato Tuts+ are a great beginner's crochet project. You can vary the colors on this free pattern to get different fruits; for example, use the lemon coaster crochet pattern with green yarn for a lime coaster.

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    Watermelon Crochet Coasters

    Crochet Watermelon Coasters

    Ashley Ziman of Create Crochet

    Watermelon is such a yummy choice and a popular item to crochet during the summer months.

    The set of fruit-inspired coasters by Marinke does include a watermelon but there are different ways to crochet the same design. This watermelon crochet coaster is by Ashley Ziman of Create Crochet.

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    Apple Potholder

    Two crocheted apple potholders, with one showing the outside and the other the inside of the apple..

    Star Wisps

    Apples are another great fruit for potholders since so many kitchens incorporate apples as part of a "country chic" style. This free potholder crochet pattern is by Star Wisps.

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    Amigurumi Apple

    Hand holding crocheted red apple design.

    Kitty Adventures

    Apples are one of the most popular foods to crochet. This isn't just because of their popularity for kitchen decor. They're also great for teacher gifts, the beginning of fall, and anything school-themed. And they can be used in educational presentations about healthy eating. This free crochet apple pattern is available as a download through Ravelry by designer Kitty Adventures.

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    Amigurumi Strawberries

    Hand holding three crocheted strawberry designs.

    Jenni Designs

    Strawberries are another popular fruit to crochet, perhaps because they are the kind of food that makes everyone happy just to look at. These sweet treats are yummy symbols of summer, but they are delicious yarn decor throughout the year. This free crochet pattern is from By Jenni Designs.

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    Fruit Skewers

    Several crocheted designed, including apples, kiwi, strawberries, and bananas, all on skewers.


    skymagenta is an amigurumi crochet pattern designer who has a large number of food patterns. This pattern is for chocolate fondant but it includes a range of different skewered fruits to "dip" into the play chocolate. This pattern, sold on Etsy, includes crochet bananas, kiwi, strawberries, cherries, apples, peaches, and grapes.

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    Picnic Basket With Watermelon and Grapes

    A crocheted basket with watermelon, grapes, and beverage all sitting on a red-and-white striped blanket.

    Left in Knots

    This is another crochet food set, this time with a picnic basket. This is a cute one to make to donate to a preschool class. The bunches of grapes are especially adorable.

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    Tomato and Strawberry Pincushion

    Crocheted tomato with attached strawberry pincushion.


    Do you want to crochet a fruit that is a little bit different? How about a tomato? And better yet, how about a tomato and strawberry in the same pattern? That's exactly what you will find in this ​free pincushion crochet pattern by Karabouts.

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    BLT Sandwich

    Crocheted BLT sandwich, including tomato, bread, lettuce, and bacon.

    Between My Fingers

    Do you like the idea of crocheting a tomato but want something flat that you can use as a coaster or appliqué or string up as bunting? This tomato crochet pattern is a great option. It also, of course, includes the rest of the sandwich ingredients, including the lettuce crochet pattern.

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    Felted Crochet Eggplant

    Felted crochet eggplant.

    Little Wendy Crochet

    Eggplant is a great food to eat, and it is a creative food to crochet. That perfect purple color makes it so much fun to work up in yarn. Little Wendy Crochet has created this felted amigurumi pattern (called Aubergine) for sale through Ravelry. This one can be used for decor or for children's food play sets.

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    Indian Corn

    Three ears of crocheted Indian corn hanging on a wall.

    Alicia Kachmar

    Multicolored "Indian corn" is often used for a Thanksgiving decoration, but there are forms of this vegetable that you can eat. It is often used to make cornmeal for use in items such as tortillas.

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    Little Pumpkin

    Crocheted pumpkin sitting on a table.

    Petals to Picots

    Another great Thanksgiving decoration that is also a yummy vegetable is the pumpkin. People love crocheting these all throughout the fall, especially around Halloween, and it's a food that can really inspire you in any season.

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    Acorn Bag

    Crocheted bag shaped like an acorn

    Roman Sock

    Another fall decor item that many people crochet is acorns. Although most people don't eat acorns, they can indeed be used as food. This free crochet pattern is for a purse that looks like an acorn. Although nuts aren't in their own food category, they do fall into the fruit food group.

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    Small Carrots

    Hand holding tiny crocheted carrots.

    Moss Mountain

    Look at these cute little crochet carrots. They would make cute Easter accessories—earrings or gift bag tags or simply decor. These are so small that they make for terrific stash busting.

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    Amigurumi Oranges

    Bowl of six crocheted oranges.

    Tisha LeBreton

    One cute idea for crochet food is to make yourself a fruit bowl for decoration. This can be displayed on coffee tables or in the kitchen. You can make all of the fruit one type, such as the oranges displayed in this pattern by Tisha LeBreton, or you could make a bowl of all different types of fruits.

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    Hawaiian Fruit

    Crocheted Hawaiian fruit, including banana, pineapple, and pear.

    Dandelion Dreamers

    Add some more exotic fruits to your crochet fruit bowl with this free set of crochet fruit patterns designed by Patti of Dandelion Dreamers. This pattern, available through Ravelry, includes Hawaiian inspired fruits: mango, pineapple, papaya, coconut, and banana. This designer also has another set of crochet fruit patterns including apple, orange, strawberry, and plum.

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    Amigurumi Bananas

    Three crocheted bananas with the peel halfway down.

    Zan Crochet

    The Hawaiian fruit set by Dandelion Dreamers has one version of a crochet banana, but there are lots of other versions out there including this free amigurumi pattern by Zan Crochet. This is a banana that is partially peeled.

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    Dancing Chilis

    Dancing crocheted chili peppers with faces and pipe cleaner legs and arms.

    Moji-Moji Design

    Crochet food doesn't have to look the way that the food looks in real life. Food can be the inspiration for a cute character seen in this dancing chili pattern.

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    Amigurumi Pears

    Three crocheted pear designs with eyes sitting on yarn.

    Mohu Blog

    You can take any amigurumi crochet food pattern and add a face, or even just eyes, to make it a cute little character. Check out how that was done in this adorable free crochet pear pattern by Mohu Blog. It's also neat to see how this uses some non-traditional colors to make the crochet food just a little bit more fun. This is great for play or for decorating.

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    Brussels Sprouts

    Bowl of 8 crocheted Brussels sprouts with eyes.

    Made Out Of Things

    Add googly eyes to your crochet food to give them a different bit of style. That's what Made Out Of Things has done on this free crochet pattern to make Brussels sprouts more fun to play with. This is a great pattern to encourage kids to try eating healthy vegetables.

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    Lemon Amigurumi

    Hand holding crocheted lemon with stitched-on face.

    Amigurumi Food

    This is another terrific example of a cute crochet food character. You could leave off the face to make a regular lemon and add it to your crochet fruit bowl. Or you could make it in green yarn for a crochet lime. This free pattern is from Amigurumi Food, which is obviously a great resource for food crochet patterns.

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    Radishes and Potatoes

    Bowl of three crocheted radishes.

    Twinkie Chan

    Twinkie Chan is one of the best food crochet designers. She takes food as the inspiration for accessories, home decor, and more. Through CreativeBug, Twinkie offers classes to teach you how to crochet amigurumi fruits and vegetables including unique foods such as radishes and potatoes.