Frugal Quilt Patterns for Thrifty Quilters

When You're Watching Your Budget but You Need to Quilt

Frugal quilt patterns help us put every bit of leftover fabric to use and are perfect when it's time to make a scrap quilt.

Quilters spend a hefty sum on quilting supplies, but most of us know the value of our fabrics and are frugal when we develop a scrap bin filled with fabrics that aren't used during a project. Even very small pieces of fabric can make lovely additions to a future quilt.

All of the patterns in this index help you put all of those leftover fabrics to good use.

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    Double Framed Four Patch Quilt Pattern
    Make a quilt like Betty's Double Framed Four Patch. Betty Johnson

    This framed four patch quilt is perfect when it's time to raid your fabric stash. Black fabrics combine with brights for a whimsical look but feel free to design a totally different layout.

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    Indian Hatchet Rag Quilt Pattern
    Indian Hatchet Rag Quilt Pattern. © Janet Wickell

    Rag quilts can be created in a very color controlled way but are just as wonderful when you use scraps for assembly. The Indian Hatchet quilt shown here does use half square triangle units, but rag quilts can be made from any shapes you desire -- squares, rectangles, and a combination of the two shapes are perfect for ragged scrap quilts.

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    Bricks and Cobblestone Quilt Blocks
    Bricks and Cobblestone Quilt Blocks by Colene

    This wonderful design originated in our Quilting Forum and the blocks were made by our hostess, Robicole2. Combine the bricks and cobblestones in any way that suits you to create a gorgeous quilt.

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    X's and O's Quilt Pattern
    Make an X's and O's Quilt. Janet Wickell

    Destash to your heart's content with another version of an X's and O's quilt. The 'letters' flow together since no stashing comes between them. Make a color packed quilt with this super simple pattern.

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    Roman Square Quilt Block Pattern
    Roman Square Quilt Block Pattern

    You'll love this scrap-friendly quilt block, and you can make batches of them in no time at all. Gather a bunch of random strips and start sewing. Don't pay attention to color at all — you might be surprised at the lovely results when blocks are sewn in a completely random color layout.

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    Sixteen Patch Quilt Blocks
    Four Sixteen Patch Quilt Blocks. Quilt Blocks by Michelle

    Assemble this nifty quilt design by cutting sixteen 2-inch squares for each block. That should help you use up a bunch of those little leftover pieces that are tucked away in boxes and bins. The photo illustrates four sixteen-patch blocks.

    Try to add black squares to create depth, but otherwise don't focus too much on color.

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    Twenty-Five Patch Quilt Block Pattern
    Twenty-Five Patch Quilt Block Pattern

    This quilt block is made from bunches of small squares. You can choose a color scheme if you have lots of scraps in coordinating colors or go completely scrappy with no regard to color at all.

    Quilters nearly always have taller fabric stacks of one or two colors (my tallest stacks are blue), and that means lots of leftovers of your favorites — perfect for a monochromatic quilt.

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    H Quilt Pattern
    H Quilt Pattern

    Try this colorful H quilt the next time you want to go scrappy. I've included a couple of options in the pattern. One lets you strip piece sixteen groups of four identical H units, and then repeat and mix up groups in the layout. The other option explains cutting instructions for one block, to help you attack the fabrics in your scrap bin. Use a combination of the two methods to make the best use of available fabrics).

    My jigsaw quilt pattern was inspired by the H quilt and is an excellent...MORE scrap buster.

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    X's and O's Baby Quilt Pattern
    X's and O's Baby Quilt Pattern with Sashing. Janet Wickell

    Sashing and cornerstones between the X and O quilt blocks, along with two different patchwork orientations, make the letters pop out even more than they do in a typical X's and O's quilt. My version isn't terribly scrappy, but the pattern can be a perfect choice if you'd like to make a dent in your fabric stash.

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    Little Tulips Baby Quilt Pattern
    Little Tulips Baby Quilt. Janet Wickell

    It's nice to use the same background throughout the tulips quilt but perfectly acceptable to switch it around from block to block, too. Your tulips can be sewn from a wide variety of fabrics -- I love the brights for this design.

    The quilt shown is a baby quilt. Keep sewing tulip blocks (they're so easy) to make a larger quilt.