How to Make Fringe: Crocheted Fringe, Beaded Fringe and More

Learn how to make fringe for finishing your scarves, blankets, afghans, and other craft projects. You'll find ideas for crocheting fringe, making beaded fringe, and more.

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    Adding Fringe to a Crocheted Scarf Video

    Adding Fringe to a Scarf
    Adding Fringe to a Scarf. Adding Fringe to a Scarf -- Video Screenshot ©

    You won't believe how easy it is to make fringe! This method would also work for adding fringe to a knitted scarf. Below are some other articles that will interest you -- a basic how-to on crocheting a scarf, another on a beginner's scarf pattern and even a how-to on tying a scarf!

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    How to Put Fringe on a Crocheted Scarf

    Fringe for Crochet Scarf
    Fringe for Crochet Scarf. Fringe for Crochet Scarf - Photo © Sandi Marshall

    Sandi Marshall has shared an idea and instructions for finishing a crocheted scarf with fringe. She notes that many of these scarves look even better if properly blocks. You can find instructions on blocking them here.

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    Crocheted Chain Fringe How-To

    Crochet Chain Fringe Pattern
    Crochet Chain Fringe Pattern. Crochet Chain Fringe Pattern - Photo © Sandi Marshall

    This  crocheted chain fringe is a bit fancier than a plain fringe.

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    Free Crochet Patterns for Vintage Fringe and Tassel Designs

    How to Make Fringe - Vintage Crochet Silk Edging With Fringe
    How to Make Fringe - Vintage Crochet Silk Edging With Fringe. How to Make Fringe - Vintage Crochet Edging With Fringe - Photo © 1917 M Heminway &Sons Silk Co
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    Beaded Fringe Instructions

    Learn how to make beaded fringe. The best places to begin are Sandi Marshall's how to on crocheting beaded fringe and another basic how-to by Jennifer VanBenschotenon, her Basic beaded fringe instructions.

    Once you've got down the basics of beaded fringes, tackle one or more of these project ideas: 

    • Straight leg fringe A good thing about these various beaded fringes is that they can have a very contemporary look, as in this example.
    • Corkscrew fringe, which uses two different bead sizes.
    • Branch fringe, which, as the title suggests, results in bead patterns that resemble a tree branch. This can be particularly fun if the beaded project itself is rather austere; the contrast is interesting.  
    • Leaf fringe, which looks somewhat like the branch fringe shown above. 
    • Loop fringe, which you're probably already familiar with. Although more conservative in appearance than some of the other fringes, loop fringes don't have to be "the same old thing," if you use interesting materials, such as crystals, fire polished beads, or glass rondelles.
    • Twisted fringe -- another beaded fringe method illustrated by Jennifer. She points out that making these twists of graduated lengths can add real interest to your project. 
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    Should Men's Scarves Have Fringe?

    Man's Crocheted Scarf With Matching Hat
    Man's Crocheted Scarf With Matching Hat. Man's Crocheted Scarf With Matching Hat - Photo © Amy Solovay

    Our readers have weighed in on whether or not men's scarves should have fringe. Find out what they think, and tell us what you think too.

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    Trims and Edgings

    Fringe isn't the only way to trim a craft project; if you'd like to check out some other options, take a look at our free edging patterns.  There're a lot of them -- 59! These how-to will help you to achieve a wide variety of different edgings ranging from very vintage to very now. Included are filet crochet edgings, rick rack edgings, more fringe and beaded edgings and more still. Enjoy!