Frilled Cast On

The frilled cast on adds a fun, pretty edging to any project.
Sarah E. White
  • Total Time: 10 mins
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

The frilled cast on is extremely simple and gives a pretty, frilled edge to your knitting that looks like crochet and blocks quite flat on a stockinette stitch piece. It's a good match for the picot bind off and is a nice alternative to ribbing, the German twisted cast on, garter or moss stitch when you want an edging that is more decorative or delicate.

If you're feeling creative and want to elevate your technique, this knitting project is perfect. Bonus: It can take as little as 10 minutes to make one once you find your groove. This is an intermediate project, so practice is key for those who haven't attempted it before.


Watch Now: How to Picot Cast on

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • 1 Set of knitting needles


  • 1 Skein of yarn


  1. Start the Frilled Cast On

    Cast on four stitches using preferred method (long tail cast on, knitted cast on and cable cast on all work nicely).

    Cast on 4 stitches to begin the frilled cast on.
    Eileen Casey
  2. Making the First Frill

    Pull the second, then the third, then the fourth stitch on the needle over the first stitch.

    Pulling over the stitches for the frilled cast on.
    Eileen Casey
  3. Continue the Frilled Cast On

    Next, cast on 1 stitch. Repeat these three steps until you have the required number of stitches.

    It's important to remember that you are casting on four times as many stitches as you normally would for a garment or piece in the width you are making, and so you will need a lot more yarn for the cast on if you are using the long tail method. A good idea is to use two balls of yarn for casting on.

    Casting on a second stitch in the frilled cast on.
    Eileen Casey