Good Luck with That: Friday the 13th Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Feel lucky with Friday the 13th inspired cross stitch patterns

It is Friday the 13th, but you're not nervous. You have a plan. You are going to stay safe in your house and do a little cross stitching. That is a very smart decision. Don't worry about that black cat that just crossed your path or the crazy stranger lurking in the shadows. They just want to be your friend and hang out; maybe do a little stitching with you. The patterns below are just a few of the best Friday the 13th inspired patterns out there. Grab your needle and floss, sit down with your new friends, a cup of tea and attack that new stitchy pattern. 

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    Cross Your Path

     For some reason black cats get a bad rap, especially on Friday the 13th. I don't know why? They are awesome. Their fur goes with every color so you always match your kitty. HappyStitches4You has created a black cat pattern that matches their personality. It shows the fun and mischievous side of kitties. There are several other cat themed patterns in their shop. Why not get several patterns and create a cat themed hoopla wall. You can see of their patterns in their Etsy shop.

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    Friday I'm in Love

     When I say Friday the 13th what comes to mind? If you are a pop culture geek like me, you will think of the movie series and in particular Jason Vorhees. The movie franchise Friday the 13th has managed to scare the pants off of many kids and adults. To this day when I see a camp by the lake I think of the famous line from the movie, "You're doomed! You're all doomed! " Thank goodness for me there are cross stitch pattern designers that get my love of horror movies and pop culture. Pyro Dog Pins created this tongue and cheek Friday the 13th cross stitch pattern that is perfect for any horror movie fan. This completed pattern would look great in a movie theater, rumpus room or if you are a bit on the evil side, a camp counselor office. Check out their storefront for other awesome pop culture patterns. 

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    A Little Luck

     Are you superstitious? I am sometimes. There are some superstitions that make sense. Of course you don't walk under a ladder, it is just dangerous! Opening an umbrella in a room is cumbersome, so don't do it. Maybe you feel you need a little good luck charm with you, especially on today. Why not stitch up a Lucky Cat that you can have with you. Stitch it up for your house, office or car. If you need extra luck make a key chain and carry it with you at all times. Lucky Star Cross Stitch has the perfect pattern for your good luck charm. This pattern is so stinking cute and it will bring you happiness and good luck. It's a win-win situation. Why not stitch it up for someone who just started a new job or moved into a new house. You can see this pattern and others here. 

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    Good Luck with That

     So maybe you like your luck with just a touch of snark. Good for you that Subversive Cross Stitch is on the same wavelength and has you covered with their snarky luck cross stitch pattern. Is it wrong of me that I think this is the perfect cross stitch for the Department of Motor Vehicles? Which would you rather do, take your chances with a Friday the 13th killer or the lady behind the counter at the DMV? I agree, I'll take the killer too. Check out other cheeky patterns on their website. 

Luck is on Your Side

These charming cross stitch patterns are perfect whether you are fan of the pop culture series Friday the 13th or just feeling a bit superstitious. Why not play it safe and stay inside today and stitch.That way you can avoid ladders and killers. I might come and join you. Safety in numbers!