32 Free Word Searches for Kids

Printable Word Searches for Kids

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These word searches for kids are all free for you to print and hand over to your kids or students. The kids will have a great time hunting for the hidden words and you'll love that you know they're increasing their problem solving and vocabulary skills.

There's a lot of word searches for kids below and you can find more holiday word searches, math word searches, and online word search games for kids that are great for kids.

You can also make word searches for kids so you can cover the exact topic or use just the right words you want them to work on.

Easy Word Searches for Kids

These word searches are on the easy side and great for preschoolers to third-graders. There are up to 10 hidden words in these puzzles.

  1. Easy Farm Word Search: There are 5 hidden farm animals in this very easy word search puzzle.
  2. Easy Dinosaur Word Search: You'll need to find 5 hidden words having to do with dinosaurs in this word search.
  3. Easy Word Search Puzzle: You'll need to find 6 hidden words to solve this word search puzzle.
  4. Moon Word Search: Find 6 hidden words having to do with the moon in this sleepy word search puzzle.
  5. Color Word Search: There are 8 hidden colors in this colorful word search puzzle.
  6. Find the Hidden Words: There are 8 hidden animal names in this free, printable word search.
  7. Easy Summer Word Search: Find 8 words having to do with summer in this free puzzle for kids.
  8. Colors Word Search: There are 9 colors that your kiddo will need to find in this easy word search for kids.
  9. Summer "In the Sky" Word Search: There are 9 different words hidden in this puzzle.
  10. Sight Word Word Searches: There are three different puzzles each, each with 10 hidden sight words that you'll need to find to solve the puzzle.
  11. Zoo Animals Word Search: Find 10 zoo animals in this word search puzzle. There are little pictures of the animals included as well for the kids to color. How fun!

Medium Word Searches for Kids

These word searches for kids are medium-level with 11–20 hidden words in the puzzles. Kids in grades 4–5 do great with them.

  1. Forest Animals: You'll need to find 11 forest animals in this fun word search puzzle that's free to download and print.
  2. Disney Princess Word Search: A princess word search for kids where they'll need to find the 12 Disney princesses.
  3. Months of the Year Word Search: Find all 12 months of the year to solve this printable word search puzzle for kids.
  4. Seven Continents and Oceans Word Search: There are 12 hidden words in this puzzle that also asks students to label each continent and ocean.
  5. Ocean Word Search: Find 12 hidden words that all have to do with the ocean and the animals within.
  6. End-of-the-Year Word Search: You'll need to find 13 hidden words to solve this fun word search puzzle all about the end of the school year.
  7. Ice Cream Flavors Word Search: There are 14 words to find in this online word search for kids.
  8. Months Word Search: Find all 14 calendar words inside this puzzle or try the Days of the Week puzzle.
  9. Circus Word Search: Complete this word search by finding all 15 words.
  10. Autumn Word Search: This puzzle changes each time you visit the site so the words are never the same Look for 15 words relating to autumn in this challenging word search.
  11. New Testament Books: Improve memory and learn the New Testament books with this 17-word puzzle.
  12. Pet Word Search: Kids can find 18 words all about animals found in a pet store in this puzzle.
  13. Back to School Word Search: Find 20 words relating to heading back to school.
  14. Hershey Chocolates Word Search: Look for 20 popular Hershey chocolate candies to solve this word search puzzle.
  15. Parts of the Human Body Word Search: Kids will need to find 20 parts of the body to solve this puzzle.
  16. Birthday Parties Word Search: Celebrate birthdays with this 20-word puzzle.

Hard Word Searches for Kids

Below are some harder word searches for kids that have 21 hidden words or more in the puzzle. They're great for kids in grades 6 and up.

  1. Clothing Word Search: Can you find all 24 clothing items in this printable word search for kids?
  2. Dessert Word Search Puzzle: You'll need to find 24 hidden dessert words to solve this puzzle.
  3. Pirate Word Search: Find all 28 words and you'll be able to talk like a real pirate.
  4. Boat Word Search: Help kids learn about different types of boats with this 30-word puzzle for printing or online play.
  5. Insects Word Search: A fun word search for kids with 33 hidden kinds of insects.