24 Free Winter Word Search Puzzles for Kids

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These winter word search puzzles are a fun indoor activity for when the weather is cold and outdoor fun is limited. Not only are these exercises fun for entertainment, but they also help kids improve their spelling skills, increase their vocabulary, develop pattern recognition, and even learn some interesting facts. They're great to do at home as well as in the classroom, and there are options (both printable and online) for all skill levels.

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    Easy Printable Winter Word Search Puzzles

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    These winter word search puzzles are considered easy with 15 or fewer hidden words. They're ideal for young kids in first through third grades.

    1. Snowflakes: Search for five hidden winter words, with five-letter words being the longest. This puzzle is also offered in three more advanced levels.
    2. Igloo: There are 8 words that have to do with igloos hidden in this free, printable winter word search puzzle.
    3. Winter Time: There are nine hidden words in this easy winter word search.
    4. Winter Clothing: This puzzle features words that only go forward and down to reduce difficulty.
    5. Winter Compound Word Search: This puzzle may only have 10 words to find but it's a little tricky - all the hidden words are compound words related to winter.
    6. Snowman: You'll need to find 12 hidden words in this winter word search puzzle.
    7. Winter: Find 15 words like "frosty" and "coat" in this free puzzle.
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    Intermediate Printable Winter Word Search Puzzles

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    These winter words search puzzles are a little tougher with 16 to 30 hidden words. They are appropriate for children in fourth and fifth grade.

    1. Snow Word: There are 19 hidden words relating to snow and ice in this word search exercise.
    2. Medium-Level Winter: After you find 20 words in this game, you'll be able to use the remaining letters to uncover an interesting fact about winter.
    3. Skiing: Highlight 20 skiing words in this exercise, and then learn a fascinating skiing fact.
    4. Snowman: Find 20 words in this snowman-shaped word search game.
    5. Winter: Find 20 words having to do with winter in this word search puzzle that doubles as a coloring page.
    6. Winter Word Search: There are 24 hidden words inside this free, printable winter word search puzzle.
    7. Snow Dance: Search for 18 hidden words all about fun winter activities.
    8. Winter Word Search: Find 24 hidden words to successfully solve this word search puzzle.
    9. Winter Fun: Circle longer words like "toboggan" and "snowmobile" in this puzzle.
    10. Kids Winter: Find 18 words in this winter word search puzzle.
    11. Hockey: After you find 30 words in this word search, you'll be able to use the leftover letters to learn an intriguing hockey fact.
    12. Winter Words: Find 30 hidden words inside this word search puzzle that have to do with winter. There are also some related writing activities to go along with the word search.
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    Challenging Printable Winter Word Search Puzzles

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    Word searching is more challenging with these winter-themed puzzles. You'll need to find 31 or more hidden words to solve them. They're great for children in sixth grade up to adults.

    1. Hockey: If you're a hockey player or fan, you may especially enjoy finding 32 hidden words in this hockey-themed word search puzzle.
    2. World of Snow: This word search puzzle has 52 words to find, which are all different words for snow in various languages.
    3. Winter Wonderland: There are 55 hidden winter words in this extra-difficult word search.
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    Online Winter Word Search Puzzle

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    This winter word search puzzle is digital, and you can complete the game straight from your computer or device. To find the 15 words, drag your mouse to highlight the desired letters. Once the word is selected, it will automatically cross it off the list. When the exercise is complete, you can try a new theme and even time yourself and see how your skills improve.

    At The Word Search, this winter word search game can be played online. There are 14 winter words to find within the puzzle. You can customize just about everything having to do with this puzzle, including difficulty and grid shape. This puzzle can also be downloaded and printed if you would like to have a hard copy.

If you want to try some more word searches, you can also check out some word search puzzles for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or every occasion. You can also use a word search puzzle maker to create your own.