Free Valentine’s Day Stencils

Heart stencils and an envelope

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Use one of these free, printable Valentine's Day stencils to create a valentine project for a loved one or one just for yourself. There are images of hearts in all shapes and sizes, cupids, flowers, teddy bears, and other images of love.

You can use these Valentine's Day stencils to decorate your greeting cards, handmade decorations, cakes and cookies, and anything else your heart desires.

You can print these free stencils out on cardstock and then cut them out by hand before you use them. If you really want to get great results, try using template plastic or a thicker material for the stencil. This will make sure that the stencil lays flat and can be used again. Here are some tips on how to cut out stencils.

Looking for other free stencils? Here are some great places to find free stencils for other holidays and everyday fun.

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    Free Heart Stencils and Templates

    A heart stencil being used for coffee

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    Valentine's Day would be the same without fun images of hearts. These heart stencils and templates come in all different shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one for your next Valentine's Day project. If you'd like even more options, you can find heart clipart that can be used for stencils.

    Free Heart Stencils and Templates from The Spruce Crafts

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    Free, Printable Valentine Stencils

    Two birds with a heart between them

    Free Stencils

    Here's a group of free Valentine's Day stencils that include love birds, a single heart, a double heart, the word "love," a tree filled with love birds, and a repeating heart stencil. To print one of these stencils, simply click on the image to open it up to a full-size image. Just use your browser to print and you're ready to go.

    Free, Printable Valentine Stencils from Free Stencils

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    Game of Thrones Heart Stencils

    Heart stencils that represent the families of Game of Thrones

    Krystal Higgins 

    Show your love for Games of Thrones this Valentine's Day with this free printable stencils that are a neat spin on paper snowflakes. Heart shapes contain the sigils for Games of Thrones including the Lannister lion, Taragaryen dragon, Stark dire wolf, and others. There's also a great tutorial included on how to print and cut these out by hand.

    Game of Thrones Heart Stencils from Krystal Higgins

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    Valentine's Day Stencils

    A woman blowing hearts as kisses

    Print This Today 

    The free Valentine's Day stencils available here are of a woman blowing hearts as kisses, a rose, a decorative heart, a dandelion with heart seeds, and a tree-shaped like a heart. There are a few other valentine stencils available that include a flower made of hearts, a teddy bear holding a heart, lips, a cat with hearts, and a candle with hearts. All you need to do to print them is to click on a thumbnail and then print the full-sized image straight from your browser.

    Valentine's Day Stencils from Print This Today

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    Valentine Letter Stencils

    The letter "S" filled with hearts

    Sun Catcher Studio 

    Here are some letter stencils designed with Valentine's Day in mind. Each letter of the alphabet, numbers, and an ampersand are filled with hearts and dots inside the letter shape. If you'd like you you can choose a different color, add text, or change the size of the stencil before printing with their handy online image editor.

    Valentine Letter Stencils from Sun Catcher Studio

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    Free Valentine's Day Stencils

    All sizes of red hearts on a black background

     Cakes & Crafts by Kass

    Here are some modern Valentine's Day stencils that include floating hearts of all shapes and sizes, XO with small hearts, the word "love," and a dinosaur holding a heart. You can use these as a stencil for any project but these were designed with a cake in mind. They are also die cutting machine friendly making it very easy to cut out a new stencil.

    Free Valentine's Day Stencils from Cakes & Crafts by Kass

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    Free Valentine Stencils

    A cupid with an arrow stencil

    All About Stencils

    Another popular image used in Valentine's Day projects is cupids. This cupid stencil features the popular image along with his traditional wings and bow and arrows. Other valentine stencils here include a heart with an arrow through it, two different styles of roses, a group of hearts and flourishes, and the word "love." These stencils really vary in complexity, so consider using one of the simpler images if you are new to stenciling.

    Free Valentine Stencils from All About Stencils