Free Valentine's Day Stencils

Just print and cut out these patterns to express your love

Get romantic this Valentine's Day with these free stencils. Valentine's Day is the one day of the year you have an excuse to be romantic and get creative with the colors—especially red—and symbols of love. These free Valentine's stencils are simple to print and cut out, ideal for even last-minute projects.

If you've never cut out a stencil before, don't let it put you off. These instructions explain what to do straightforwardly, and you'll soon see it's not tricky at all.

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    Printable image of lips.

    Marion Boddy-Evans

    Lips are used for kissing and are associated with passion. A kiss by a pair of lips painted with bright red lipstick leaves a print showing something was sealed with love. Print and cut out this stencil and you'll have lips that you can paint or color red—or any other color—without leaving a mark.

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    Hearts 1

    Two hearts connected.

    Marion Boddy-Evans

    Since all humans have hearts, they represent a uniting symbol that cuts across cultures and religions. Christianity comes from the belief that the heart is the seat of emotions, particularly love. In Islam, the heart is the spiritual center. Cut out this enduring Valentine's symbol to show your true emotions and desire to bond.

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    I Love U

    The letters I and U with a heart in the middle.

    Marion Boddy-Evans

    Nothing says Valentine's Day more than "I love you" or "I heart you." 

    If you are creating a Valentine's card with any stencil, you want the signs of your love to be clear and noticeable. This pattern will do the trick nicely.

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    Heart 1

    Valentine's heart with circular ends.

    Marion Boddy-Evans

    Get creative and cut out this stencil showing a heart in a different way. When you give this heart to your beloved, you'll both want to curl up and snuggle together.

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    Be My Valentine

    Be My Valentine phrase.

    Marion Boddy-Evans

    Of course, you can certainly express your feelings directly by asking your significant other to "Be My Valentine." This stencil will also work well if you've been looking for a way to approach someone who has caught your eye during the past year. Present that special person with this stencil—after you cut it out and decorate it—on Valentine's Day, and who knows? Your wish may come true.

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    Hearts 2

    Five hearts in descending size on top of each other.

    Marion Boddy-Evans

    On Valentine's Day, you can never have too many hearts. So cut out this stencil to demonstrate that you want to give multiple hearts to your Valentine's Day interest.

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    Printable image of a rose.

    Marion Boddy-Evans

    Valentine's Day is not all hearts and lips. If you can't afford to send a beautiful bouquet, cut out this stencil and decorate it with love to show your true feelings.

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    Heart 2

    Valentine's heart with arrow through the middle.

    Marion Boddy-Evans

    If you've been smitten by Cupid's arrow, cut out this stencil of Cupid's arrow piercing a heart. Giving this stencil to your loved one on Valentine's Day is sure to hit the mark. After all, Cupid—the son of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite—has been piercing hearts since ancient times.

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    Lips 2

    Printable red lips.

    Marion Boddy-Evans

    Of course, you might just want red lips. Once you cut out this free stencil, you won't even need to add red paint to express your feelings of love on Valentine's Day.