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Nothing says love more than a good laugh, and you'll get one when you hand your valentine one of these free and funny Valentine's Day cards.

These Valentine's Day cards range from innocently cheesy to downright rude, and your valentine won't be able to quite laughing. From bad puns to realistic relationship woes, there's something for everyone.

Although these are all technically Valentine's Day cards, almost all of them can be used all year around to help you share some love with your special someone.

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    Sarcastic Valentine's Day Cards From One Handcrafted Life

    A valentine that says "I'm Not Sick of You Yet"
    Wit and Wander

    One Handcrafted Life has come with two free funny Valentine's Day cards that are dripping with sarcasm. Each is decorated with red and black text to deliver your message.

    The cards include the sayings "I'm Not Sick of You Yet!" and "I Love Your Stupid Face."

    Use the pink button to download them as a free PDF file and then print them out to make half-page cards.

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    Quirky Love Cards From My Someday in May

    A group of funny Valentine's Day cards laying on a table.
    My Someday In May

    There are 8 free funny valentines here from My Someday in May, all with whimsical illustrations and quirky little sayings that make them not your average Valentine's Day card. 

    Here are the sayings on the cards:

    • Let's Stay Home and Watch Netflix
    • Like Peas and Carrots
    • It's Peanut Butter + Jelly Time
    • Talk Nerdy to Me
    • You're Hot
    • You Complete Me
    • You and Me Go Together Like 
    • My Heart Loves Your Heart

    Open them up in the free Adobe Reader and you'll be able to print one or all of them as a half-page card. Just cut along the lines and fold.

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    Funny Valentine's Day Cards From Landeelu

    A set of white and red funny valentines.

    Landeelu has created some funny Valentine's Day cards that are truly for the realist among us. A cut handwriting font makes the sayings even more clever and it's paired with tiny red hearts to take a bit of the edge off.

    Here's what they say:

    • You're my favorite person to lay next to while I read my book.
    • I'm so glad you settled for me.
    • You are pretty much my favorite husband.
    • There's no one else I'd rather lay in bed and look at my phone with.
    • You're my favorite person to get a Redbox With (and then fall asleep on five minutes into it.)
    • You're the one I want to be next to while you're on your computer and I'm on mine.

    Half of the cards run vertical and the others run horizontal. They print two per page so it's easy to print multiple cards out.

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    Funny Valentine's Day Cards From Sugar & Cloth

    A stack of funny valentines.
    Sugar & Cloth

    Sugar & Cloth has designed some funny Valentine's Day cards in a variety of colors, all with clever sayings on them that will be sure to get your valentine laughing.

    Here's what they say:

    • I'd spend all 9 lives with you.
    • The only thing I like more than you is Netflix.
    • Was your dad a baker? Because you've got a nice set of buns.
    • Your daddy must be a drug dealer, cuz you're dope.
    • I'm no photographer, but I can picture us together.

    Each card is an individual download and is printed as a full-page, fold-over card.

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    Realist Valentines From Do Small Things With Love

    A group of funny valentines.
    Do Small Things With Love

    If you've been in a relationship for a while, you know that it means to be in love day after day and you've come to embrace the monotony of it. These simple cards from Do Small Things With Love are completely relatable.

    • I love you so much that I've learned to tolerate your snoring.
    • I'm so grateful you still find me sexy even when I'm pregnant and gassy and have feet swollen to the size of dinner plates.
    • Since our wedding day, our love has grown and so has our mortgage.
    • I'm so glad you are the father of my children because I need a break. I'll be in the tub.
    • There is no one else I'd rather lay in bed with while we both look at our phones.
    • You are the reason I get up in the morning. Just kidding. It's the baby.
    • What I feel for you is so much more than financial and familial obligation.
    • You make me so happy when you do the dishes.
    • I love you so much that I'm willing to let y ou think you were right.
    • I never knew I could love someone this much which is good because you drive me positively insane.

    These cards are printed two per page and you can cut them out as fold-over cards or flat cards.

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    Uniquely Funny Valentine's Day Cards From the Dating Divas

    A funny valentine laying on a table.
    The Dating Divas

    The Dating Divas have designed 14 free funny Valentine's Day cards that are meant to be sent to a significant other but several could work for other relationships. Here are a few of them:

    • I think I've taken a viking to you.
    • You've stolen a pizza my heart.
    • You have most of my heart.
    • You blow me away.
    • You're just like bacon you make everything better.
    • Be my tweet heart.

    You'll download all the cards as one free PDF file and then print out the cards you like the best.

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    Funny Valentine Food Puns From Steph Calvert Art

    A taco valentine.
    Steph Calvert Art

    Steph Calvert has designed some foodie funny valentines that have puns about cheese, apples, strawberries, and even tacos.

    The cards can be printed all on one page or each as an individual page. You can even frame them if you'd like to make the gift extra special.

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    Whoopee! Valentine's Day Cards From Paging Supermom

    A whoopee cushion Valentine's Day card.
    Paging Supermom

    It doesn't get much more funny than whoopee cushions, and with these free Valentine's Day card from Paging Supermom, you get to actually include one with the card.

    The card says "Whoopee! It's Valentine's Day" with a place to attach a whoopee cushion and add your name.