Free Turkey Clip Art

An illustration of a desktop screen with turkey clipart one it. A piece of pumpkin pie and a cup of tea are under the screen.

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Use turkey clip art to add pizzazz to your Thanksgiving this season, making it fun and memorable. Clip art images are pictures, illustrations, or graphical design elements that you can use in flyers, newsletters, websites, or anything else that could use some Thanksgiving-themed fun.

Use clip art instead of stock photography when a photo won't do. Clip art may seem more cartoonish, but in that way, it's also more universal and sometimes easier to make fit for any project. Grab turkey clip art to do work fast, saving you the time to draw it from scratch or hire an artist. Artists and illustrators make the clip art; some charge a fee, and others offer them for free. Some clip art sites even allow you to edit some of the imagery.

Here are free turkey clip art images that include live turkeys, cooked turkeys, and turkeys doing all kinds of silly things to either celebrate or avoid making it onto the Thanksgiving dinner table.


All the turkey clip art here is free for personal use, but sites have different requirements if you'd like to use them commercially. Please check the copyright details first. If you're looking for more than turkey clip art, you can find more seasonal images in free Thanksgiving clip art and free fall clip art.

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    Turkey Clip Art

    An illustration of a turkey

    Clipart Pal

    Feast your eyes upon these turkey clip art images from Clipart Pal and decide which would look great on your project. This single page of about 30 free turkey clip art images features illustrated turkeys in black-and-white and full color, and they are all waiting for you to grab them. If you're curious about the dimensions of these images, you can see them on each image's download page. Right-click on the image to save it.

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    Turkey Vector Clip Art

    A cooked turkey on a plate


    Clker has a collection of over 100 turkey clip art, including turkey sketches and cartoons. For all these turkey clip art images, you can choose to download them in small, medium, or large PNG file sizes. If you want to make changes to these images before downloading them, select the "edit" link next to the picture.

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    Turkey Clip Art and Animations

    Clip art of a turkey on a platter

    Webeaver's Free Clip Art

    Webweaver's Free Clipart is another site where you can download no-string-attached free turkey clip art. This site only has around 15 images, but they're different from most of the others on this list because many are animated GIFs, though some are still PNGs or SVGs.

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    Turkey Clip Art and Gifs

    A cartoon turkey running


    Fg-a offers turkey clip art and images of pilgrims, food, autumn leaves, candles, and other Thanksgiving-related clip art. There are three pages of images. Some are animated, but be sure to look through all three pages for all of your options.

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    Turkey Clip Art and Graphics

    Screenshot of turkey clip art with a knife and fork

    Classroom Clipart

    Around 150 more free turkey clip art can be found at Classroom Clipart, but you should know that these images have a small "" watermark. The clip art you can download here is large, high-quality images of all types of not only turkeys but also pumpkins, pies, leaves, and others.

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    Turkey Clipart Collection

    A dancing cartoon turkey

     Clipart Library

    You'll find more than 40 free turkey clip art images at the Clipart Library site. There are cartoon turkeys dancing, getting ready to eat, reading, running, and even protesting. You'll also find drawn illustrations of turkeys and clip art images of cooked turkeys on platters, just waiting to be carved up and served for Thanksgiving dinner.

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    Free Turkey Clip Art Images

    Turkey clip art

    Clipart Panda

    These 36 free turkey clips are from Clipart Panda. The images are all different sizes and formats, like PNG and GIF. You also can see how many people have viewed these images and how many times the clip art has been downloaded. Some of these images may be repeats from other websites, but there are also some unique ones here. 

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    Turkey Clip Art

    A clip art image of a cartoon turkey


    You'll find 50-plus free turkey clip art images from Clipartix. There are all kinds of turkeys here, from cartoon turkeys to realistic turkeys that have already been cooked up for Thanksgiving. Click on an image of a thumbnail that you like, and you'll be able to see the number of views, downloads, file type, file size, and dimensions. From here, you can download the largest clip art image available.