Free Travel Games and Activities

Keep Everyone Happy With These Travel Games And Crafts

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Check out this collection of creative travel games and activities. Everyone in the family will be sure to enjoy these printable travel games, craft kits, and friendly competitions.

  1. Simple Paper Travel Games
    There are several games you can play with little more than a paper and pencil. There are old favorites such as tic-tac-toe, hangman, and connect-the-dots. There are also other simple games such as battleship, the license plate game, and others. Here are some printable templates along with directions.
    • Connect-the-Dots
    • Hangman
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Battleship
    • Car Search Game
    • United States License Plate Game
    • Travel Scavenger Hunt Game
  2. Travel I-Spy Game
    Many have us have played a simple I-Spy game, which usually starts out by someone saying "I spy with my little eye something that is..." Now you can take that game one step farther and make it easy for young kids by making this simple card games.
    • Make an I-Spy Game
  3. Simple Paper Crafts
    There are plenty of creative projects you can make using mainly paper and something to write or color with. Of course, if you really want to get fancy, grab a pair of scissors and some tape or glue. Try these.
  1. Creative Carriers
    Make wonderful treasure holders! You can make them before you leave home or make them along the way. Make a carrier for your pencils and other small items, make a money holder to stash your loot, or make a container to holder treasures you collect along the way.
  2. Portable Arts and Crafts Room
    Create your own handy arts and crafts kit that you can take with you anywhere and have your supplies ready to go at a moments notice! Try using the ideas I provide or think of some yourself.
  3. Personalized Travel Box
    Help beat boredom in the car. Create a unique, personal travel box for hours of entertainment. TaniaHop shares these wonderful suggestions to help you create a special travel box, guaranteed to please!
    • Personalized Travel Box
  4. Deluxe Activity Travel Tray
    This is a great boredom buster! You can make this activity tray in 5 to 10 minutes using a cookie sheet and some contact paper. Draw on it with chalk or dry erase markers. You can use it to play games such as tic-tac-toe, hangman, and other travel games. The tray can also be used as a surface to play cards and other games, and it is a great surface to play with magnets.
    • Deluxe Activity Travel Tray
  1. Become an Author
    A simple way to pass time on a long trip is to write your own book. Start out with a small, blank notebook or blank papers stapled together. You can start your own novel from scratch or make a travel diary about your experiences on your trip - include postcards from places to stop along the way. You can make an art book featuring your own drawings - why not draw pictures of the sites you see, the places you stay, and the people you are traveling with! For a fun twist, try making your own comic book or flip book.
    • Invent a Book
    • Fun Flip Book
    • Make Your Own Cartoon
  2. Create a Story Sack
    Story sacks are great for kids who love to read and also for kids who don't. A story sack is simply a bag or sack of some sort, which contains a story book along with related craft ideas, games, and other fun activities. A great way to pass time on a long road trip or any time.
  3. Have a Puppet Show
    Kids can make their own puppets and then put on a show in the car or anywhere! Use the puppets to tell stories, jokes or make up adventures. Parents and siblings can use puppets to amuse younger kids too. Try these.​
  1. String Them Along
    Yarn is a great, versatile item to bring along on long trips. Older kids and adults can learn how to knit or crochet! By the time you reach your destination, you may have a new scarf, blanket, poncho, or other item. For those who are too young to knit or crochet, or have no desire, you can make fancy lacing cards. Finally, with some yarn and pony beads, even the youngest kids can make fun jewelry and beaded items.
  2. Creative Competitions
    You can challenge everyone to a creative competition, see who can create the most original craft using the simplest of items. Something as simple as a bag of chenille stems can inspire such creations as fancy jewelry, royal crowns, zany zoo animals, and much more! You can also present the participants with a sheet of aluminum foil and see what is created. For older kids, you can add more to it and see what they can make using simple household items.
    • Craft Challenges