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These free Thanksgiving clip art links will take you to hundreds of clip art images that are perfect for Thanksgiving projects or decorations. You'll find fun Thanksgiving clip art images of turkeys, cornucopias, pilgrims, pumpkins, and much more; cut, paste, and use for your cards, place settings, centerpieces, or home decorations.

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    Thanksgiving Clipart from Homemade Preschool

    An animated turkey
    Clipart Planet

    Homemade preschool offers a wide range of simple, kid-friendly Thanksgiving clip art of turkeys, pumpkins, pie, corn, potatoes, bonnets, hats, Pilgrims, cornucopias, feathers, ships, and Thanksgiving dinner.

    While these are great for little ones, they're not ideal for anything more sophisticated than a kindergarten class.

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    Webweaver's Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

    A cornucopia filled with fruits and vegetables

    On the first page of Webweaver's Thanksgiving collection, you'll find clip art images of pilgrims, cornucopias, pumpkins, wheat stalks, harvests, turkeys, fall flowers, and corn. Go on to the next page and you'll find a page full of turkey images.

    The Thanksgiving clip art here varies in size, so be sure to click on the thumbnail of the image to view the actual size.

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    Thanksgiving Clipart from My Cute Graphics

    A turkey with pumpkins
    My Cute Graphics

     My Cute Graphics has over 50 images of Thanksgiving clipart of turkeys, pumpkins, pie, pilgrims, Native Americans, food, boats, and more. As the name implies, they are cute rather than sophisticated, so they're best used with kid-related projects.

    In addition to color images, you'll also find black-and-white outlines that can be colored in after you print them out.

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    Thanksgiving Clip Art at Hellas Multimedia

    A black and white turkey that says "Happy Thanksgiving"
    Hellas Multimedia

    There are 25 pages of free Thanksgiving clip art at Hellas Multimedia; some of the images are really beautiful, full-color illustrations appropriate for party invitations or other sophisticated uses. In addition to Thanksgiving clip art, you can also find Thanksgiving backgrounds, borders, and lines.

    Since you can't click on these images to make them any larger, just right-click one to copy it or save it to your computer.

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    HubPages's Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

    A Thanksgiving turkey clip art image

    HubPages offers unique, eye-catching graphic art that's ideal for posters, flyers, and room decorations. Keep scrolling down so you don't miss out on any of the wonderful Thanksgiving clip art. There's a picture of grapes, a bowl of apples, a pie, corn, a pumpkin, and more. You'll also find links to similarly-themed coloring pages and scrapbooking borders.

    Click the images at HubPages to make them larger, and then you can right-click one to save it to your computer.

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    Phillip Martin's Thanksgiving Clip Art

    A woman holding a cooked Thanksgiving turkey
    Phillip Martin

    Phillip Martin is a wonderful digital designer and he's made some wonderful, whimsical Thanksgiving clip art. Here you'll find free Thanksgiving clip art images of cornucopias, fall foods, feasts, Native Americans, pilgrims, pumpkins, and turkeys.

    There are different links on Philip Martin's website to separate the Thanksgiving clip art from the pumpkin clip art.

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    Clipart and Crafts Thanksgiving Clip Art

    A Give Thanks sign with pumpkins
    Clip Art & Crafts

    There are a few categories of Thanksgiving clip art at Clipart and Crafts, including pumpkins, turkey frames, and label art.

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    Classroom Clip Art's Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

    A Happy Thanksgiving wreath with a horn of plenty
    Classroom Clipart

    There are more than five pages of free Thanksgiving clip art over at Classroom Clip Art. Browse through the pages at Classroom Clip Art to view Thanksgiving clip art images of pilgrims, turkeys, Thanksgiving food, leaves, and cornucopias.

    It's important to note that most of the images at Classroom Clipart have a small watermark; you'll see it before you save it to your computer when you're on the picture's download page. If you don't like the watermark, skip this collection.

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    The Holiday Spot's Thanksgiving Clip Art

    A turkey with a banner that says "Happy Thanksgiving"
    The Holiday Spot

    The Holiday Spot has Thanksgiving clip art of pilgrims, Native Americans, turkeys, wreaths, cornucopias, Thanksgiving food, and pumpkins.

    In addition to their Thanksgiving clip art, they also have free Thanksgiving Day backgrounds, buttons, banners, and dividers. Don't forget to click on a picture to see the larger version. You can then right-click it to copy it to the clipboard or save it offline to your computer.

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    Christian Clip Art's Thanksgiving Clip Art

    A happy turkey waving
    Christian Clip Art

    Get free Thanksgiving clip art images of pumpkins, cornucopias, and fall harvests. There are three pages, so be sure to click through all of them to see all the clip art they have.

    Use the download link below each Thanksgiving clip art thumbnail to get the biggest and best-looking image. Then, you can right-click the picture to save it.

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    Thanksgiving Clip Art at Free Clip Art Now

    A turkey and Thanksgiving dessert
    Free Clip Art Now

    There's a lovely mix of black and white along with vintage Thanksgiving clip art here.

    Thanksgiving clip art images include those of cornucopias, children, food, pilgrims, and more. There are also separate links on the page for Thanksgiving scenery and Thanksgiving turkeys.

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    Thanksgiving Clip Art at The Kidz Page

    A Thanksgiving cornocopia
    The Kidz Page

    There's just one page of Thanksgiving clip art over at The Kidz Page but they are truly darling. You'll find clip art images of turkeys, cornucopias, and lots of different fall harvest foods.

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    Thanksgiving Graphics Plus Thanksgiving Clip Art

    A cornocopia
    Thanksgiving Graphics Plus

    There are only a few Thanksgiving clip art images here but they are some great looking ones that can't be missed.