15 Crochet Teddy Bear Patterns

Big Bears, Little Bears, and In-Between Toys

Teddy Bear Couch Hugger Crochet Pattern

 Lisa Kingsley, Ravelry

Teddy bears are the classic gift that can brighten anybody's day. Teddy bears are given to babies when they are born, children when they are just beginning to sleep in their own room, teens graduating high school, lovers on Valentine's Day, moms and grandmas on Mother's Day ... and to girls and boys, men and women, for no reason at all. These fifteen adorable teddy bear crochet patterns can become your go-to gift whenever you have someone special to make something for (and they are great for donating to hospitals and children's charities, too!)

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    Sleepy Bear Free Crochet Pattern

    Sleepy Bear Free Crochet Pattern
    Squirrel Picnic

    So often teddy bears are used to cuddle with while falling asleep, so this Sleepy Bear is the perfect teddy bear crochet pattern because it is sleepy, too!

    Children can feel safe and protected with this bear at their side - and you may find that they want to take it with them when they grow up and go away to college.

    Alternatively, military spouses can enjoy it as something to keep the bed warm while their partner is deployed. Sleepy teddy bear is so lovable!

    In the post with this free crochet teddy bear pattern, you'll also find images of some of the other crochet bears the designer has made over the years, which can serve as inspiration for your own projects.

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    Valentine's Teddy Bear Free Crochet Pattern

    Valentine Teddy Bear Free Crochet Pattern
    B.Hooked Crochet

    This little teddy bear has so much personality! Plus you can customize it to suit any occasion. The one shown here is designed as a Valentine's Bear (or a bear for someone you love at any time of year!) The little red touches in the ears and feet are almost as cute as the optional blush added to the cheeks. Crochet teddy bear scarves in various colors to make it even cuter!

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    Dawson The Teddy Bear Free Crochet Pattern

    Dawson The Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern
    Crochet Pandemic, Ravelry

    If you are seeking a more classic teddy bear design, go for this one! This cute teddy bear has perfect details down to the little paw prints made in a slightly different colored yarn than the teddy's body.

    Made according to the pattern it will stand up at about 18" tall, perfect for squeezing tight! This one is a free pattern available as a download through Ravelry.

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    Tiny Teddy Free Crochet Pattern

    Tiny Teddy Free Crochet Pattern
    Snuggle Me Stitches

    Make a tiny little crochet teddy bear that works up quickly and can go with you everywhere. He is smaller than 6" tall so you could turn him into a keychain, desktop decor or a baby toy.

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    Small Teddy Bear Free Crochet Pattern

    Small Teddy Bear Free Video Crochet Pattern
    Sharon Ojala, Amigurumi To Go

    Here is another small teddy bear crochet pattern, and it's also free. What makes it different from the one above? It's got bigger ears, which gives it a different type of cuteness, and it is available as a video tutorial pattern. The designer also has instructions for making a Christmas hat and scarf if you want this crochet teddy bear to be a holiday gift.

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    Fuzzy Tiny Teddy Bear Free Crochet Pattern

    Fuzzy Crochet Teddy Bear Free Pattern

    Priscilla Aldama, Ravelry


    This tiny teddy bear is different from the rest because of the unique yarn choice. It's a fuzzy yarn that really looks like fur!

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    Handheld Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern

    Small Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern

     Anastacia Kirs, Ravelry

    How precious is this tiny little handheld crochet bear? It incorporates so many great details from the laugh lines to the furrowed brow. This pattern includes 24 pages with more than 80 instructional photos.

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    Classic Crochet Teddy Bear Free Pattern

    Classic Crochet Teddy Bear Free Pattern
    Hook and Stitch Crafts

    This toy's designer calls it a classic crochet teddy bear, and it's clear why! It's an adorable, cuddly little brown bear with a bold red crochet scarf. Cute and fun to make!

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    Buttercup Bear Free Crochet Pattern

    Buttercup Bear Free Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern
    Janet McMahon of Yellow, Pink and Sparkly

    Buttercup Bear is a pretty yellow version of a classic teddy bear. The yellow color makes it a great gift for springtime, children, and people who are in the hospital and need some bright, sunny cheering up! It's a great crochet pattern if you make teddy bears for charity.

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    Blue Teddy Bear Free Crochet Pattern

    Blue Teddy Bear Free Crochet Pattern
    Crafty Hanako

    There are so many different variations on the classic crochet teddy bear. Make a whole set of them to create a collection of cuties!  This one is worked in a sparkly blue yarn. It has a sophisticated feel that makes it a great crochet bear for adults.

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    Teddy Bear Rattle Free Crochet Pattern

    Teddy Bear Rattle Free Crochet Pattern
    Is It a Toy

    Take the idea of a stuffed teddy bear and turn it into a rattle for baby with this cute free crochet pattern. The bear on this one has a lopsided grin that will make you smile. 

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    Teddy Bear Earwarmer Free Crochet Pattern for Dogs

    Teddy Bear Earwarmer Free Crochet Pattern for Dogs
    Twinkie Chan

    Everyone in the family needs a crochet teddy bear, even your pup. Turn your pet pooch into a cuddly teddy bear with this free crochet pattern by Twinkie Chan! It is perfect as a Halloween costume or a photo prop. You can actually use the same pattern to make a teddy bear costume for humans too.

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    Amigurumi Teddy Bear in a Crochet Sweater

    Crochet Teddy Bear in a Sweater

    Marusiaknitwearstore, Etsy

    With this crochet pattern, you don't just crochet the bear. You also crochet a sweater for him to wear. You can get really creative with your own variations on this design.

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    Retro Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern

    Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern

     Julianne Ehlert-Connor, Ravelry

    This crochet teddy bear stands over a foot tall. The designer intends for it to be the kind of toy that you can pass down through the generations.

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    Teddy Bear Couch Hugger Crochet Pattern

    Teddy Bear Couch Hugger Crochet Pattern

     Lisa Kingsley, Ravelry

    This teddy bear is designed to be a couch hugger. That means that it is uniquely shaped to sit on the back of a couch. This is perfect for a children's room.