Free Tapestry Crochet Patterns

Tapestry Crochet Techniques That Allow You to Use Multiple Colors per Row

Here's a colorful and diverse collection of free crochet patterns featuring tapestry crochet. Tapestry crochet is a technique allowing you to work multiple colors per row, allowing for all kinds of interesting patterns and designs. Be sure to visit our collection of free charts too!

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    Tapestry Crochet Afghan Patterns

    Tapestry Crochet Afghan
    Tapestry Crochet Afghan. Tapestry Crochet Afghan -- Photo © Michael Solovay

    Tapestry crochet is the perfect technique for creating thick, warm, patterned afghans -- especially colorful afghans. If you're bored with one-color afghan designs, any of these patterns would be a fantastic choice.

    The following patterns were all designed by Amy Solovay.

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    Tapestry Crochet Christmas Pillow
    Tapestry Crochet Christmas Pillow. Tapestry Crochet Christmas Pillow -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    This festive Christmas pillow matches the holiday afghan pictured and linked above. The free crochet pattern is by Amy Solovay.

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    Free Tapestry Crochet Cupcake Pattern

    Tapestry Crochet Cupcake
    Tapestry Crochet Cupcake. Tapestry Crochet Cupcake -- Photo © Michael Solovay

    This cute crocheted square features a tapestry crochet cupcake motif.

    Get the Free Cupcake Pattern.

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    More Squares Worked in Tapestry Crochet

    Tapestry Crochet Squares
    Tapestry Crochet Squares. Tapestry Crochet Squares -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    You can use squares for making many different types of crochet projects. These squares can be adapted in any way you like.

    These squares were all designed by Amy Solovay.

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    Tapestry Crochet Potholder Patterns

    Tapestry Crochet Potholders
    Tapestry Crochet Potholders. Tapestry Crochet Potholders -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    Tapestry crochet is a technique that is well-suited for use in potholders and similar protective projects such as hot pads, trivets and placemats; the additional carried yarns or threads make it easy to create a dense fabric.

    These potholders were all designed by Amy Solovay.

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    Circle With Tapestry Crochet Heart Design
    Circle With Tapestry Crochet Heart Design. Circle With Tapestry Crochet Heart Design -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    This unusual tapestry crochet pattern includes a heart design as the focal point in the center.

    Click Here for the Free Chart.

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    Tapestry Crochet Accessories

    Tapestry Crochet Scarf Worked in a Checkerboard Design
    Tapestry Crochet Scarf Worked in a Checkerboard Design. Tapestry Crochet Scarf Worked in a Checkerboard Design -- Photo © Michael Solovay

    Tapestry Crochet Scarf Patterns

    We've posted the free patterns for a couple of checkered scarves worked using the tapestry crochet technique and eyelash yarn. One of them is pictured at left; there's also a similar but different checkered scarf that features even more eyelash yarn.

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    Checkered Crochet Headband

    I used back loop single crochet stitch, combined with the tapestry crochet technique to create this two-color ribbed headband. While I've...MORE labeled this as an "intermediate" pattern, I do think it's one of the easier tapestry crochet patterns we have available. As far as starter patterns go, this one's noteworthy because it offers you a nice change of pace from making basic afghan squares.

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    Tapestry Crochet Bags and Wallets

    Checkered Pouch Worked in Tapestry Crochet
    Checkered Pouch Worked in Tapestry Crochet. Checkered Pouch Worked in Tapestry Crochet -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    Tapestry crochet is well-suited for working in the round; it's a fun way to make colorful bags, totes and purses. Of course, if you want to try a smaller project, wallets and pouches are also fantastic options.

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    Tapestry Crochet Basket Patterns

    The following basket patterns were all designed by Carol Ventura; they are posted at various other crochet websites on the Internet.

    • Spiral basket in tapestry crochet This eye-catching basket is crocheted in two colors; it features a subtle spiral design. The basket makes a nice holder for pencils, pens, crochet hooks, knitting needles or similar tools.
    • Tapestry crochet basket with beads -- If you take a close look at this basket, you'll see unexpected details, such as beads incorporated...MORE into the tapestry crochet design. This project is posted at the Crochet! Magazine web site.
    • Hearts and diamonds reversible tapestry crochet basket -- This link goes to a lengthy PDF containing instructions for various craft projects, one of which is a tapestry crochet basket. If you only want to view the basket, skip down to page 10 on the PDF.
    • Ducks in a Row Basket -- Posted at the crochetme website.

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