10 Free Wooden Swing Set Plans

Illustration of swing set

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These free swing set plans will give you everything you need to build your children or grandchildren a swing set that they'll have fun playing on for years to come. Since you're building it yourself, you can control the cost and quality, making it likely to last for generations.

These are full plans for building a swing set so they include building instructions, color photos, diagrams, materials and supplies lists, and sometimes even videos and user tips.

The swing set plans below vary in skill level and lumber cost. Check each plan carefully to make sure that it's right for your yard and skill level before getting started. A simple swing set will only take a weekend to build and will be fairly gentle on the budget.

After you've taken a look at these free swing set plans, check out free plans for playhouses and treehouses. The kids will love them!

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    Basic Wooden Swing Set Plan

    A basic wooden swing set


    Here's a plan from HGTV for a classic swing set that includes a simple wooden frame and enough room for two swings. This free swing set plan includes a list of materials you'll need and step-by-step building directions with plenty of color photos.

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    Modern A-Frame Swing Set Plan

    A modern a-frame swing set


    Here's another HGTV plan for a swing set that will make quite a statement in your backyard with its A-frame shape. A materials list, written directions, finishing directions, and color photos are all included in this free swing set plan from HGTV.

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    How to Build Your Own Playground

    A wooden DIY playground

    View Along the Way

    View Along the Way set out to make a playset for their kids based on a popular style you can buy for thousands at the store. Their blogs take you through each part of building the playset including full plans for an attached swing set. There are diagrams, photos, and more to help you along the way.

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    How to Build a Swing Set

    A playhouse with an attached swing set

    Ana White

    Here's a free swing set plan from Ana White that's meant to be attached to an existing playhouse but would be easy to modify for a stand-alone swing set. The free swing set plans include a materials and tools list, diagrams, and step-by-step directions.

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    DIY Clubhouse Play Set

    A club house with an attached swing set

    RYOBI Nation

     This free swing set plan from RYOBI Nation will build you a clubhouse with swings, slides, a climbing wall, and a play area. The plans make it easy to customize if you want to make any changes. All steps and blueprints are available as downloadable PDF files.

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    Freestanding Swing Set Plan

    A wooden swing set with a playhouse and slide

    All Thumbs DIY

    Here's a 3-part swing set plan from All Thumbs DIY that goes into lots of details on how to build this freestanding swing set and make it safe and look great for the kids. This set is built from all pressure-treated wood and is done for under $500. You'll find photos, diagrams, tools, and a cutting list as well as written instructions.

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    Homemade Backyard Swing Set Plan

    A diagram of a wooden swing set plan

    Mother Earth News

    Build the kids a homemade backyard swing set with these free plans from Mother Earth News. Part of the free plan includes diagrams, photos, a materials list, and written directions.

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    Combination Swing Set, Playhouse, and Climbing Wall

    A single swing set with a climbing wall

    DIY Network

    DIY Network has designed this swing set that has a single swing but also a climbing wall and a secret fort off to one side.  This A-frame swing set is for more advanced woodworking and will take about two days from start to finish.

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    Homemade Playset

    homemade playset


    Over at Instructables, you can find a homemade playset plan from user Nick70587 that includes two swings, a slide, and some elevated areas to play on. From planning to adding the finishing touches, this homemade playset plan will walk you through the building process.

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    Tree Swing Plan

    Young girl on wooden swing
    Katrina Wittkamp / Getty Images

    If building a swing set sounds like too much of a project, consider building an old-fashioned tree swing. Another free plan from Mother Earth News will step you through how to build one with written directions and diagrams.