Free Summer Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Illustration of a beach with a puzzle book

Illustration: The Spruce / Maritsa Patrinos

Hey kids! Relax and enjoy these free word search puzzles with various themes related to summer weather, things to do on a vacation, summer sports and other activities that can be enjoyed throughout the summer season. These games can be played online or printed and solved on paper.

Printable Summer Word Search Puzzles

Below, you'll find links to free summer word search games to print and solve in the classroom or on the kitchen table, listed by difficulty from the least to the most challenging. Some of these puzzles are in Adobe PDF format. If you need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader, click here.

  • Camping Word Search: An eight-word game with an outdoor theme for beginners.
  • Baseball Word Search: This word game has a list of only eleven words, but the grid in which they're hidden contains a large number of letters.
  • Summer Fun Word Search: Twelve themed entries need finding in this easy word search for beginners.
  • Going to the Park Word Search: Can you find the twelve words relating to having a picnic? The grid of letters is quite small, making this a good choice for beginners.
  • Summer Word Search: Sixteen themed entries appear in this word search game of medium difficulty. Play it in English or in Spanish.
  • Summer Holiday Word Search: In these puzzles, you're invited to find the words "summer" and "holiday". The difficulty level is determined by the size of the grid as well as the number of times the entries can be found within them. Easy - Medium - Difficult
  • Ice Cream Flavors Word Search: Can you locate the names of eighteen yummy ice cream flavors hidden in this puzzle?
  • Cool Drinks Word Search Puzzle: The names of twenty refreshing beverages are hidden in a medium-sized grid.
  • Water Fun Word Search: Twenty-one words related to splashing around in H2O.
  • Road Trip Word Search: Summer is a great time for traveling. Here are twenty-three things you may see while traveling in the car. Solution provided.
  • Summer Word Search: At forty-four words, this is the most challenging word search on the list.

Summer Crossword Puzzles

These easy to challenging crossword games are great for vocabulary review and comprehension. Children and second language learners can both benefit from these free crossword puzzles containing clues and words pertaining to the summer season. The puzzles are listed in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging.

  • Summer Crossword Puzzle: DLTK for Kids offers an easy summer crossword for young solvers. The picture version of the crossword is intended for preschoolers and children who are new to spelling. Older children can use verbal clues to solve the puzzle. Available in black and white or color. Solution provided.
  • Summer Crossword Puzzle: This freeform-style crossword puzzle features ten themed entries. The list of words that appear in the puzzle is provided as a solving aid.
  • At the Beach Crossword: This is solved by entering the names of the objects depicted in the nineteen pictures into the grid. Solution provided. Registration required but it's free!
  • Summer Vacation Crossword Puzzle: This puzzle features thirty-seven words related to places to visit, sights to see, and activities to enjoy while taking a summer holiday.
  • Summer Crossword: Thirty-eight summertime vocabulary words are used in this crossword game of medium difficulty.

Printable Maze Puzzles

For children, solving maze puzzles has certain benefits such as improving concentration and strategic planning skills. The following games explore various summertime activities, such as picnics, ice cream, and a day at the beach.

  • Sun-Shaped Maze: The little girl needs to navigate through the sun-shaped maze to get to her brother in this puzzle of medium difficulty.
  • Ice Cream Cone Shaped Maze: Can you help the mom and kids find their way through the maze to the frozen treats on the other side?

Counting Mazes

Kids can navigate these labyrinths and practice their counting at the same time. Simply start with the lowest number and count sequentially to arrive at the objective to be reached.

Summer Hidden Pictures and Spot the Difference Puzzles

Playing hidden picture games is a good way for children to develop their observation skills.

Summer Cryptogram Puzzles

These puzzles use a simple substitution cipher to encrypt a message with a timely theme.

Summer Memory Games

Whether played on the computer or on a desk or table with flashcards, daily brain training activities such as playing concentration can help improve memory and attentiveness in children, older adults and the learning disabled. The following games use images related to summer.

  • Summer Match Game: An easy online version of Concentration in which you need to match nine different summertime pictures.
  • Summer Concentration: Slightly more challenging, in this game you need to match ten symbols of summer in order to discover the picture underneath.
  • Printable Summer Concentration: Print out the memory cards for an offline version to play with friends and family.