32 Free Summer Word Search Puzzles

Summer Word Searches Organized by Difficulty Level

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A great way to encourage learning to continue even during the summer months is with this free, printable summer word search puzzles. It will be more fun than learning for them, but they'll keep their brain sharp with those problem-solving skills that they can apply to just about every school subject.

Not only will the kids have a blast with these free summer word search puzzles and use their problem-solving skills, but they'll also be able to keep working on their vocabulary and spelling skills over the summer.

If you don't find what you're looking for here, you can find other free word searches or use a free word search maker to create your own summer word search puzzle. Kids will also love these free, printable summer coloring pages and free summer clip art.

Easy Summer Word Search Puzzles

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These summer word search puzzles are on the easy side with 15 words or less to find. They're great for children ages 6-8.

1. Summer Word Search

There are only 5 words to find in this super easy summer word search puzzle.

2. A Day at the Beach

Find 8 hidden words in this easy summer word search.

3. Easy Summer Word Search

Find 9 hidden words to solve this easy summer word search.

4. Sunny Summer Word Search

Print off this colorful summer word search and find the 12 hidden words.

5. Sunny Summer Day

Find 12 hidden words in this summer word search puzzle.

6. Colorful Summer Word Search Puzzle

Print off this bright and cheerful summer word search puzzle that has 12 hidden words.

7. Summer Word Search Beach Theme

Find 15 words about summertime at the beach in this free word search puzzle.

Medium Summer Word Search Puzzles

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The summer word search puzzles below are a little bit tougher with 16-30 hidden words. They're recommended for kids aged 9-11.

8. Summer Sports Word Search Puzzle 

Find 16 summer sports words in this puzzle.

9. Beach Word Search

After you've found all 16 words in this puzzle you can reveal a secret message.

10. Ice Cream Flavors Word Search

Find 18 flavors of ice cream in this tasty summer word search.

11. Free Summer Word Search

There are 18 words that need to be found in this free summer word search puzzle.

12. Summer Safety

There are 18 words having to do with summer safety hidden inside this summer word search puzzle.

13. Cool Drinks Word Search Puzzle

Find 20 cool drinks in this summer word search puzzle to reveal an interesting fact about a cool summer drink.

14. Hidden Message Summer Word Search

Find 20 words to reveal a hidden message about summer.

15. Summertime Word Search Activity

There are 20 hidden words in this large summer word search.

16. Summer Word Search

There are 20 hidden words in this free, printable summer word search. ​

17. Difficult Summer Word Search

There are 20 summer-related words you'll need to find to solve this puzzle.

18. Lemonade Day

You'll need to find 20 hidden words all about lemonade in this sweet summer word search puzzle.

19. Water Fun Word Search

Find 21 water words in this summer word search.

20. Olympic Games Word Search

Find the 21 hidden words about the summer Olympic games.

21. Fun in the Sun Summer Word Search

There are 24 words hidden in the sunshine.

22. Summer Word Search Challenge

There may be only 26 words to find in this summer word search, but there's no word bank so it's extra challenging.

23. Summer Holidays Word Search

You'll have to find 28 words in this printable summer word search.

Challenging Summer Word Search Puzzles

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These are some tough summer word search puzzles! You'll need to find 31 or more hidden words to complete them. They're great for kids 12 and up and adults.

24. Road Trip

Find 31 hidden words all about road trips in this fun-in-the-sun printable summer words search puzzle.

25. Welcome Summer Word Search

Find 32 words in this just barely challenging summer word search puzzle.

26. Very Hard Summer Word Search Puzzle

There are 44 hidden words in this tough summer word search puzzle.

27. Huge Summer Word Search Puzzle

You'll need to find 45 hidden words in this huge summer word search puzzle.

28. Summertime Fun Word Search

Put your word searching skills to the ultimate test with this puzzle that has 50 words to find.

29. Summer Vacation

Can you find 50 words and phrases about summer in this word search puzzle? You'll need to if you want to solve it!

Online Summer Word Search Puzzles

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There's nothing to print out, and they vary in skill level.

30. Online Summer Word Search

There are 12 hidden words in this online summer word search.

31. Summer Word Search

Play the small, medium, or large version of this online summer word search game.

32. Summer Break

There are 19 words and phrases all about summer break in this online summer word search.