A Free Stuffed Animal Hammock

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    A stuffed animal hammock over a bed
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

    Why make a stuffed animal hammock? Stuffed animals and dolls can rapidly take over a child's room, and they consider them their friend that couldn't possibly be stuffed in the closet. This hammock solves the problem and keeps the stuffed toys in one location.


    • 1 3/4-2 yards of 60" wide fabric—a fabric with some stretch works best. This is enough fabric for two hammocks.
    • Thread to match
    • Drapery or craft cord
    • 3 sturdy cup hooks (you may also need wall anchors)
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    Cutting fabric to sew a stuffed animal hammock
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com


    • Open the fabric to a single thickness. Press the folds flat.
    • Fold the fabric cut edge to meet the selvage, creating a triangle.
    • Trim away the excess fabric.
    • Cut the fold of the triangle edge (this will be a bias edge).
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    The Corners

    The Corners
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
    • Cut off each corner, so there is 2" across the corner.
    • Turn under each corner 1/4", turn under another 1/4" to enclose the raw edge.
    • Press and stitch the corners in place.
    • Repeat for all three corners.
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    The Sides and Inserting the Cording

    The sides and inserting the cording
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
    • Turn under and press 1/2" on each side.
    • Turn under another 1/2" to enclose the raw edges.
    • Press.
    • Insert the drapery or craft cord in the fold, leaving a few inches out at the corner.
    • Stitch the inside folded edge on each side (keeping the cording away from the stitching) stopping and leaving a 2 inches loop of cord at each corner.
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    Corner Loops

    Corner loops
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
    • When all the sides are sewn, knot the ends of the cord.
    • Knot again. Hand sews the knot together if you are not secure about the knot staying knotted.
    • Trim excess cord.
    • Work the knot into the side seam by pulling from another corner.
    • Evenly distribute the cord to have an even amount of cord at each corner.
    • Knot the cord just past the ends of the fabric.
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    Secure the Cording at the Corners

    Securing the cording at the corners
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
    • Stitch through the fabric at the corners, sewing over the corner to lock it into place.
    • Place one hook at the corner of the wall and a hook out from the corner, the length of the sides of the hammock.
    • Make another one for another corner of the room, if there are more stuffed animals than the hammock.