Free Slipper Sewing Patterns and Ideas


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You can make slippers that are comfy and fit a tight budget by using scraps and things you have around the house. Use a non-slip sole material to make safe slippers. The no-slip sole is probably the most expensive part of sewing slippers. Do not avoid no-slip fabric, it can make the slippers too slippery to wear. 

There are plenty of free patterns available online to make slipper-making an affordable project or that can add inspiration to a commercial pattern.

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    Elf Costume Shoes

    Elf slippers

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    A fun way to entice the kids to actually wear their slippers is to make the slippers fun to wear. A jingle bell added to the toe adds to the fun.

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    TOMS-inspired Baby and Toddler Shoes

    TOMS-inspired Baby and Toddler Shoes 

    These slippers appear to be designed so they actually stay on the feet of babies or toddlers. This free pattern is accompanied by detailed instructions that allow a beginner to tackle the project.

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    Slipper Patterns to Purchase

    Slipper Patterns to Purchase 

    Sew Thankful has a variety of slipper patterns for purchase. The Footprints cozy slipper pattern makes a wonderful gift for home crafters.

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    Free Pattern for Fabric Slippers

    Fabric Slippers with Free Pattern 

    You probably have fabric sitting in your stash that you could use to make these slippers using this free pattern. Make these cozy slippers for house guests or as a get well gift for a loved one. Make matching slippers for your bathrobe with this pattern.

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    Old Flip-Flops Turned Spa Slippers

    DIY spa slippers 

    This is a very cozy pair of slippers. Grab those end-of-season flip-flops and convert them into great Christmas gifts.

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    Summer Slippers

    Summer Flip Flop Slipper 

    Take a look at this tutorial that turns inexpensive flip flops into a pattern for some really nice slip-on slippers. These can make a great gift.

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    Frog Slippers for Adults and Children

    Free Frog Slipper Pattern 

    These are called "frog slippers" not because it looks like you are wearing a pair of frogs on your feet, instead the cutting pattern looks like the top view of a seated frog. There are two forms of patterns—child and adult-sized—that are available.

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    Recycled Jeans Footwear Pattern

    Free Recycled Jeans Footwear Pattern 

    Take those worn-out jeans that you have used for years on your legs and convert them into new comfy footwear for the house.

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    Denim Slip-ons

    Slippers From Jeans 

    If you put a non-slip bottom on these, this makes an easy slip-on that would be much appreciated by loved ones in the hospital.

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    Bedroom Slippers

    Bedroom Slippers - Free Pattern

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    Although these are called bedroom slippers, they can be comfortably worn all throughout the house.

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    One-piece, Soft-sole, Center-seam Moccasins 

    These detailed instructions for a custom-fit will guide you through all the steps to make one-piece, soft-sole, center-seam moccasins

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    Felt Button Slippers

    Felt Button Slippers 

    This felt slipper pattern would be great for a group project for the Girl Scouts, 4H, and other youth groups. This is an easy slipper that anyone can make.

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    Martha Stewart Felt Slippers

    Felt Slippers Project 

    This is a simple pattern used to make felt slippers. This project works well as a learn-to-sew project for a group or individual.

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    Ballerina Slippers

    Ballerina Slippers 

    These step-by-step instructions and free pattern for ballerina-style slippers will guide you through the process.