Free Sewing Patterns for Hair Accessories

Hair Accessory Patterns to Sew from Scraps

Summer offers special challanges for your hair. Use these free patterns to make your own hair solutions for the summer. Use your fabric scraps to have hair accessories for every outfit you won!  I've seen accessories cost more than the outfit we started out complimenting. The solution... Sew your own hair headbands, ribbons, bows, hair flowers and more while using your scraps of fabric. If you make the outfit, you are bound to have perfect compliments to the outfit when the accessories are...MORE made with the fabric scraps.

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    Free Directions to Create a Scrunchie Fabric Headband
    Scrunchie Fabric Headband. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    These headbands are a perfect way to use your fabric scraps to make a matching headband... adding bows and other adornments makes it even more special. Since you are the designer and the creator, you choose the size, the color and the fabric to make the most comfortable and the most adorable headband possible!
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    Sew a Hair Scrunchie
    Sew Your Own Hair Scrunchie. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    These scrunchies are a great way to hold a pony tail without damaging your hair. If you have fine silky hair you may need a covered band to hold a pony tail but a scrunchie covering it will dress up your hair. Use production sewing techniques to sew a bag full to have on hand and match every possible outfit!

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    Sew your own expandable headband!
    Free Expandable Headband Pattern. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    This headband is very versatile and can be as wide as you want. It is a perfect solution to being able to protect your hair from the sun if you are staying outside but at the same time, only have a headband if that's the look you want. The fabric covered elastic prevents your hair from being damaged and it's comfortable to wear. I wear one at the pool, since there are no strings, I don't end up with string lines in my tan and my hair stays protected from the sun.
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    A sun hat made with free pattern making software
    Wide Brim Hat Made from Wild Things! Pattern. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    One of my favorite outfits when I was young, had a matching sunhat that was made with the same fabric as the dress... I made it myself and won blue ribbons. Helps make memories and a great outfit by topping the outfit off with a matching hat! A hat also protects against sunburn and possible skin cancer so making your own hat is a winner in more ways than one!
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    Free Pattern to Sew a Fluted Edge Toddler Hat
    Free Pattern to Sew a Fluted Edge Toddler Hat. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    A baseball cap is not going to offer ears and neck any kind of sun protection but this hat will. Your fabric choice will make it perfect for a boy or a girl.
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    Toddler Sun Bonnet With a Ruffle Brim
    Toddler Sun Bonnet With a Ruffle Brim. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    You can make one of this hat to match every outfit your little girls owns. The ruffle edge is simple but effective in offering sun protection while giving a frilly touch to the simple hat. Perfect for any and every outfit!
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    Hat making doesn't have to be a dieing art. Use free patterns and the wealth of information available on the Internet. This list is created to guide you to free hat making information and patterns.
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    Finished Two Loop Bow
    Finished Two Loop Bow. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Some times, a bow or ribbon is all that is needed to complete an outfit. Tie a fancy bow or a simple bow, attach a bobby pin or barrette and you have your solution. These links will guide you to instructions to tying a perfect bow.

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    These links will guide you to sites with hat making information and supplies so there is no limit to the possibilities when you make your own hats and head wear.