Free Sewing Patterns for Hair Accessories and Hats

If you have some fabric scraps and a little bit of time on your hands, you can make your own headbands, scrunchies, hats, bows, and more. Sewing hair accessories isn't just easy and fun, it also lets you create matching ensembles so you (or your child) can coordinate from head to toe.

Ready to get started? Downloading these free patterns and project ideas is the first step.

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    Hair Scrunchie

    Adding the Tie Piece to the Scrunchie
    Mollie Johanson

    The perfect way to use those little pieces of fabric that accumulate from sewing projects, these scrunchies hold a ponytail without damaging your hair. Use production sewing techniques to sew a bag full to have on hand and match every possible outfit or make them to sell at a local craft fair.

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    Scrunchie Fabric Headband

    Free Directions to Create a Scrunchie Fabric Headband
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    A scrunchie headband is made just like a ponytail holder, only bigger. They're cute as-is, but you can also add some extra flair by sewing on a handmade bow, colorful pom pom, or any number of other embellishments. Kids who complain about headbands will love these because they're much more comfortable than the hard plastic kind sold in stores.

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    Expandable Headband

    Sew your own expandable headband!
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    This kerchief-style headband is very versatile, allowing you to make it as wide or as thin as you like. If you're not a hat person, this type of headband is perfect for protecting your scalp from the sun during summertime. The fabric-covered elastic prevents your hair from being damaged and it's comfortable to wear.

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    Sun Hats

    A sun hat made with free pattern making software
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    If you're a sewing enthusiast who also happens to garden on the side, you'll appreciate this sun hat pattern. You can show off your sewing skills and your style whenever you wear it––and protect against sunburn and heatstroke in the process.

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    Toddler Fluted Edge Hat

    Free Pattern to Sew a Fluted Edge Toddler Hat
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    This darling hat will keep the sun's rays out of your little one's eyes, while also offering protection for their ears and the back of their neck. If you're sewing a summer romper for a baby or a toddler, save some extra fabric to make a coordinating hat with this pattern.

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    Toddler Sun Bonnet

    Toddler Sun Bonnet With a Ruffle Brim
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Another option for kids, this sunbonnet has a simple ruffled edge to offer sun protection with style. Parents will appreciate the strap for keeping the bonnet secure on breezy days––no more running to catch the hat while it blows away from you!

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    Bows And Ribbons

    Finished Two Loop Bow
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Sometimes, a bow or ribbon is all that is needed to complete an outfit. Tie a fancy bow or a simple bow, attach it to a bobby pin or hair clip, and you have your solution. These links will guide you to instructions for tying a perfect bow every time.

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    More Hat Making Techniques

    If you enjoyed making the hats listed above, or if you're looking for other ideas, you'll find all the resources you need here. From berets to bucket hats and beanies, there's a hat to fit every style in this collection of tutorials.