Free Rag Quilt Patterns

Try a rag quilt pattern today... it won't be your last

Rag quilts patterns are among the easiest quilt patterns you'll find, but that doesn't mean the projects are boring. In fact, the deep texture created by the ragged edges and seam intersections of this type of quilt add wonderful depth to their final appearance.

Rag quilt patterns are suitable for everyone, beginning quilters to quilters with lots of experience.

What Is a Rag Quilt?

Rag quilts are made by sewing seams so that they are visible on the front of the quilt, instead of hidden...MORE away underneath the patchwork. Seam allowances are wider than the norm -- typically 1/2". When complete, every seam allowance is clipped inward (about 1/4" deep and the same distance apart). The clipped fabrics within seams fray and create soft lines between the patchwork after a few cycles in the washer and dryer.

The visible seams are created by placing fabrics wrong sides together for sewing, the opposite orientation used to assemble other types of patchwork.

Be sure to read my tutorial, How to Make a Rag Quilt, before you begin your first rag quilt project.

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    Indian Hatchet Rag Quilt Pattern
    Indian Hatchet Rag Quilt. Janet Wickell

    My Indian Hatchetrag quilt is made with triangular quilt blocks. The quilt is very easy to make, especially if you chain piece (once you've got the units down-pat) and keep your stacks carefully organized. I loved working with triangles -- they were a nice break from the traditional straight edged pieces.

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    Four Patch Rag Quilt Pattern
    Four Patch Rag Quilt Pattern. Janet Wickell

    Here's a rag quilt made by alternating simple four-patch quilt blocks with plain squares of fabrics. The pattern is a good choice for your first rag quilt and its looks can be changed entirely by selecting different fabrics.

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    Cathedral Windows Rag Quilt Pattern
    Cathedral Windows Rag Quilt Pattern. Janet Wickell

    This small version of the Cathedral Windows rag quilt pattern was definitely fun to make. Like other rag quilts, it's simple to construct, but the techniques are a bit different than those you'll encounter when making a rag quilt with straight-sided pieces.

    Denim versions of this design are gorgeous.

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    Rag Quilt Patterns
    A small section of the Hearts 'n Rags quilt. © Janet Wickell

    Hearts 'n Rags is an easy rag quilt pattern that goes together quickly. The quilt is made with a combination of block types: squares with raggy heart applique, plain floral squares, blocks cut from a border print and another block created by sewing two bars together.

    The quilt is lightweight, with no batting, but it's simple to add the extra layer if you'd prefer a heavier quilt.

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    Floral Rag Quilt Pattern
    Floral Rag Quilt Pattern

    It's easy to alter the character of this quilt by choosing completely different types of fabrics. To create the quilt, you'll sew alternate squares of fabric between blocks containing three long strips of other fabric designs. Use your leftover fabric to create a ragged, patchwork border around the quilt.

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    Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern
    Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern

    This Christmas Tree rag quilt pattern was inspired by a rag quilt in our photo galleries. The blocks finish at 4" square. Some are plain squares and some are half-square triangle units.

    The tree quilt has a border cut from 3-1/2" wide strips, but you can replace the long borders by cutting a scrappy assortment of (46) 5" x 5" green squares for the quilt top, and the same number of squares for the batting and the backing.

    If you like miniature quilts, the same layout is available as...MORE a non-rag, mini quilt tree pattern.