Design a Quilt With These Free Quilt Block Patterns

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These free quilt-block patterns include projects for beginning quilters and experienced quilters alike. You'll find quilt blocks of all sizes, from miniatures to oversize designs. Some are even large enough to make a one-block wall hanging!

Many of these quilt block patterns are multipurpose and include instructions that explain exactly how easy it is to make either a group of blocks or an entire quilt. Many patterns are written to help you make multiple sizes of a design.

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    Rosebud Quilt Block Pattern

    Quilt Block Patterns
    Janet Wickell

    The traditional rosebud quilt block has been called many names over the years, including hummingbird, crow's foot, and a bright star. It's a delicate-looking block that's part pinwheel, with barbed tips that give you the opportunity for extra color play. Try it with a white or neutral background as shown, or sew brightly colored "flowers" on a rich black background. The block finishes at 12" square.

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    Patchwork Scottie Dog Quilt Block Pattern

    Scottie Dog Quilt Block Pattern
    Janet Wickell

    The traditional patchwork Scottie dog quilt block is assembled from a combination of squares, bars, half-square triangle units, and one-quarter-square triangle units. The pieces for this little Scottie are all rotary cut and quick pieced.

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    Round the Twist Quilt Block Pattern

    Round the Twist Quilt Block Pattern
    Janet Wickell

    Be sure to try this 10" quilt block pattern if you love interlocking designs. It's similar to some of the Celtic twist blocks and so easy to assemble. The design emerges when blocks are sewn side by side.

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    Sawtooth Quilt Block Pattern

    Sawtooth Quilt Blocks
    Janet Wickell

    As you can see, the sawtooth quilt block can be changed dramatically by altering the color value of its patches. That's true for all patchwork quilt blocks, and an element to keep in mind when you choose fabrics.

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    Mosaic Pinwheels Quilt Block Pattern

    pinwheels quilt block
    Janet Wickell

    Bright pinwheels against a blue sky create a brightly colored pinwheel quilt appropriate for kids and adults alike.

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    Sarah's Choice Quilt Block Pattern

    Sarah's Choice Quilt Block pattern
    Janet Wickell

    The Sarah's Choice quilt block can be assembled in several ways. This pattern lets you put it together quickly using half-square triangle units at its center and simple flying-geese units (along with square corners) for the block's outer rows. Included are cutting instructions for four different sizes: 4", 6", 8", and 12" blocks. You also can preview mock-ups of the blocks set into two different quilts, one on-point and another with blocks arranged horizontally.

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    Mock Basket Weave Quilt Block Pattern

    Easy Quilt Block Patterns
    Janet Wickell

    The mock basket weave quilt block proves that easy quilt blocks don't have to be boring. Instead of piecing stripes within each patch, you'll simply choose two striped fabrics, then alternate the stripes and the directions they flow when you assemble the blocks.

    The result will be a quilt that looks a whole lot like a true basket weave​ but without all of the fuss. Try stitching this block in colorful, whimsical stripes to make a fun quilt for a child. The instructions include yardage and cutting charts for 12 (6" blocks) and 12 (12" blocks).

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    Maple Leaf Quilt Block Pattern

    Maple Leaf Quilt Block
    Janet Wickell

    Maple leaf quilt blocks are sewn in fall colors of red, orange, or yellow with light or medium blue backgrounds with finished block sizes of 9" square.

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    Double Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern

    pinwheel quilt block pattern
    Janet Wickell

    Use the colors shown as a guide to help you assemble the double pinwheel block, or choose any colors you wish. The center pinwheel is a combination of dark blue and bright yellow. The pinwheel extensions are lighter versions of both colors to help add movement to the block. Finished block sizes are 12" square.

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    Bento Box Quilt Blocks

    How to Make a Bento Box Quilt
    Janet Wickell

    This version of the bento box quilt block is a good choice if you'd like to go a bit scrappy. The block finishes at 12" square and is easy to construct.

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    Easy Bow Tie Quilt Block Pattern in Three Sizes

    Easy Bow Tie Quilt Block Pattern
    Janet Wickell

    You'll assemble this easy bow tie quilt block in no time. Don't worry, it doesn't have set-in seams, every seam you'll sew is a no-fuss straight line. The pattern includes cutting instructions for three block sizes12", 6", and 3".

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    Buckeye Beauty Quilt Block Pattern

    Buckeye Beauty Quilt Block Pattern
    Janet Wickell

    Buckeye beauty is an easy quilt block with lots of opportunity for contrast variations. The finished block size is 10" square.

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    Cactus Pot Quilt Block Pattern

    Cactus Pot Quilt Block Pattern
    Janet Wickell

    The traditional cactus pot quilt block has just enough half-square triangle "blossoms" to give the design a nice, prickly texture, but not so many that it becomes a chore to stitch. Make your cactus pot scrappy or go with a ​color theme. Stitch up a batch and have fun arranging the blocks into different layouts.

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    Patchwork Cat Quilt Block Pattern

    Cat Quilt Block Pattern
    Janet Wickell

    This is a take on the patchwork cat variations that have become pretty much traditional in recent years, and slightly different from a paper pieced cat pattern. You can dress the kitty up or down as suits you. It finishes at 12" square and is a cinch to assemble.