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If you want to play puzzles, look no further! These puzzles include those you can play online and others you can print out and enjoy at home, on vacation, or anywhere else. Enjoy this wide range of easy and harder puzzles for adults and kids.

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    Sudoku Puzzles

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    Sudoku puzzles are a great way to test your logic skills. The beauty of these puzzles is that they can be made easy to extremely difficult. Here are free puzzles for every level of expertise. You must use the numbers zero through nine only once in each row or column. The difficulty is determined by how many numbers are already placed on the grid and how they are placed. Use a pencil and keep an eraser handy.

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    Alphadoku Puzzles

    Alphadoku puzzles are similar to Sudoku puzzles but they use letters instead of numbers. Each puzzle has nine letters to place in the grid so none of them repeat in any row, column, or block. The fun comes when one of the rows, columns, or diagonals spells out a word. The title of the puzzle holds a clue as to what it will be. The level of difficulty is determined by how many letters are already given and where they are in the grid.

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    Word Search Games

    All Questions
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    Word search puzzles can be easy to solve as you don't have to follow cryptic clues. Usually, you are given a list of the words you should be able to spot. Children and those learning a new language can use them to learn to spell new words. You can play these online or find puzzles to print. Many are suitable for the classroom and may have seasonal themes.

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    Hidden Object Picture Puzzles

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    Can you find everything hidden in the picture? You can entertain children or improve your observation skills with these free online hidden object puzzles, or HOGS. Printable hidden picture puzzles are also available for the classroom or for those who prefer solving these puzzles on paper.

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    Crossword Puzzles

    Crossword puzzle

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    Where can you enjoy a crossword puzzle online? If you want to solve them online or print them out to solve on paper, ​there are sources you can use to get your daily puzzle fix.

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    Spot the Difference Puzzles

    Spot the difference

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    Challenge your brain to find what is different between two images. At first glance, they appear identical. But put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and use your observational skills to find the differences. You can print these as well.

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    Math Puzzles for Kids

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    Making math fun can guide kids on the right path to success in science and engineering. These free math puzzles include counting mazes, dot-to-dot puzzles, and math worksheets. Kids can improve their math skills and test their knowledge of numbers.

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    Jigsaw Puzzles

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    If you love jigsaw puzzles but you don't want to take up a tabletop, you can solve them online instead. Here are computer jigsaw puzzles to enjoy.

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    How to Create a Logic Puzzle

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    Do you want to create your own logic puzzle or become skilled in how to solve them? In these puzzles, you are given facts and use deductive reasoning to reach the conclusions based on those statements.

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    Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles for All Abilities

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    Here are more Sudoku puzzles, from extra-easy to extra-challenging for you to print and solve.