41 Free Printable Valentine Cards

Print Your Valentine Cards From Home For Free

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These printable Valentine cards will be perfect for any one of your friends or family members this Valentine's Day. It's a great collection of funny, touching, beautiful, and stunning printable Valentine cards that is sure to please both the young and the young at heart.

All of these printable cards can be customized with your own Valentine's Day message and some even allow you to add a photo. What a wonderful way to wish someone a Happy Valentine's Day.

Tip: Make your homemade valentine even more special by enclosing some of these free, printable love coupons.

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    Funny Valentine's Day Cards

    A valentine that says "I'm Not Sick of You Yet"
    Wit and Wander

    These free Valentine's Day cards get a whole category for themselves and once you see them you'll know why.

    You won't be able to stop laughing when you read these funny, realistic, and downright rude Valentine's Day cards.​​

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    June Lily's Free Printable Valentine Cards

    Red, pink, and white valentines.
    June Lily

    These are some tiny valentine cards which means you'll get nine of them printed per page.

    These adorable valentine cards may be small but they look darling.

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    Free, Printable Valentines from Tales of a Thirty-Something

    Six printable valentines in blue, red, and pink.
    Tales of a Thirty Something

     There are six free printable valentines over at Tales of a Thirty-Something, each cuter than the next.

    I love this set of valentines because they'd be perfect for anyone - a friend, significant other, child, or even a co-worker.

    They're made with bright colors and will really cheery up someone's day.

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    Modern Printable Valentines from Oleander + Palm

    Four pink, black, and white Valentine cards
    Oleander + Palm

    Oleander + Palm has four different printable valentines in the color scheme of black, white, and pink. They have a modern feel to them and would be perfect for anyone in your life you'd like to send a Valentine's Day card to.

    These cards open up as a PDF file and they print two per page. The inside is left blank so you can add your own message.

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    A Pair of Pears Mini Valentine Cards

    Three valentines on a table.
    A Pair of Pears

    You'll find three unique mini valentine cards over at A Pair of Pears.

    There's a simple striped card, a "LOVE" card, and an "XOXO" card.

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    Printable Valentine Cards for Kids at Pink & Posh Designs

    Four printable valentines for kids.
    Pink & Posh

    Pink & Posh Designs have come up with a set of four printable valentine cards that are perfect for the kids.

    The cute designs include bees, owls, numbers, and cupcakes.

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    Anders Ruff Printable Valentine Cards

    Four red, pink, and white valentines.
    Anders Ruff

    Anders Ruff has created a set of four printable valentine cards all in the valentine colors red, pink, and white.

    The valentine cards include one with a turtle, the alphabet, ice cream cones, and heart-shaped buttons.

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    Small for Big's Printable Valentine's Day Cards

    Yellow, pink, and red valentines on a table.
    Small for Big

    This set of Valentine's Day cards lets you write in the name of the recipient and a message giving them a special personal touch.

    Add some googly eyes to make some funny kid-friendly Valentine's Day cards.

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    I Love You by Xerox

    An "I Love You" Valentine's Day card.

    I Love You by Xerox is a pretty printable Valentine card that would be perfect to send to that special someone.

    You can print this touching printable Valentine card in a variety of sizes including as a note card.

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    Love Bird by Greetings Island

    A bird tweeting out hearts.
    Greetings Island

    The little love bird in this printable Valentine card is singing his heart out for love.

    Add your own photo and custom text to this printable Valentine card to let the recipient know just how you feel about them.

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    Glad I Found You by Greetings Island

    A group of people with two of them in love.
    Greetings Island

    Glad I Found You is the perfect printable Valentine card to send to your significant other this Valentine's Day.

    You can customize this printable Valentine card with a photo and custom text.