Free, Printable Turkey Coloring Pages for the Kids

Printable Turkey Coloring Sheets for Kids

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These turkey coloring pages will get all the kids excited about Thanksgiving this year. From the very little ones to the bigger kids, these turkey coloring pages won't disappoint.

These turkey coloring pages can be printed out and then handed to your child for an instant Thanksgiving craft project. When they're done coloring them you can hang the finished turkey coloring pages around the house for an instant Thanksgiving decoration.

If your kid has devoured all these turkey coloring pages,...MORE then head on over and print out some Thanksgiving coloring pages or fall coloring pages for your child to color.

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    A scared turkey sitting on the ground.

    Turkeys, turkeys and more turkeys! You'll find a ton of turkey coloring pages here that feature all kinds of turkeys.

    Whether you're looking for funny turkeys or even cooked turkeys you'll find it here.

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    A proud turkey.
    Raising Our Kids

    There are lots of free turkey coloring pages at Raising Our Kids.

    The first two pages of coloring pages feature turkeys but keep going to find other Thanksgiving coloring sheets.

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    A turkey in the wild.
    Coloring Book Fun

    This is a great collection of turkey coloring pages at Coloring Book Fun. These are some great images that will really get your kids into the Thanksgiving spirit as they color away.

    You'll want to click on the turkey coloring page twice before printing.

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    A turkey dinner.
    Apples 4 the Teacher

    There's a bunch of free turkey coloring pages at Apples 4 the Teacher.

    All the turkey coloring pages here can be colored online and printed or just printed as black and white and colored with crayons.

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    A turkey holding a United States flag.
    First School

    There are quite a few turkey coloring pages here including a roasted turkey, a patriotic turkey, and turkeys dressed up as pilgrims.

    You'll also find some similar coloring pages here that have to do with Thanksgiving and animals that start with a "T."

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    A turkey dressed up like a pilgrim.
    Free Coloring Printable

    There are quite a few printable turkey coloring pages here that the kiddos will love.

    These turkeys are all decked out for Thanksgiving and ready to be colored.

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    A happy turkey.
    Super Crayon

    Super Crayon has some great turkey coloring pages where turkeys are featured by themselves or with pilgrims.

    To print these turkey coloring pages, click on the thumbnail once and then print from your browser.

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    A wild turkey in a field.
    Super Coloring

     Super Coloring has more than 30 free turkey coloring pages that are a cinch to print off and get the kids coloring.

    Their selection of wild turkey coloring pages is impressive, and these are especially great for older kids.

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    A turkey holding a knife and fork.
    Color Me Good

     Color Me Good has more than 15 free, printable turkey coloring pages that feature wild turkeys, cartoon turkeys, and even turkey dinners.

    To print these turkey coloring pages, select the one you want and then ​print from your favorite free PDF reader.

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    A turkey coloring page that says "Happy Thanksgiving"
    Twisty Noodle

    Twisty Noodle has more than 40 free turkey coloring pages that also include tracing sheets and math sheets that are turkey themed.

    Click on the thumbnail of a coloring sheet you like and then change the template, font, and text before printing.

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    A turkey coloring page for an adult with markers.
    Red Ted Art

    Just because it's Thanksgiving doesn't mean that you're too busy for your coloring. In fact, with all the stress of the holidays, this is the perfect time for coloring pages for adults.

    You can print the turkey coloring page with or without the phrase "Thanks With a Grateful Heart". There's also a free leaf ​mandala coloring sheet you can print.