13 Free Printable Thank You Cards

Woman practicing calligraphy on a Thank You card

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These free printable thank you cards are going to help you send a heartfelt thanks while saving you money and time. These thank you cards look better than most you can buy at the store and some let you add a unique touch to make them really special. Don't forget to look at customizable envelope templates.

Tip: As a general rule, if the printable thank you card is to be folded once after printing then cardstock will work best. If it's to be folded more than once then regular computer paper is your best choice.

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    Watercolor Card from The Little Monkeys Studio

    A red watercolor thank you card on a table with an envelope, ribbon, and scissors.
    Three Little Monkeys Studio

    This stunning printable thank you card from The Little Monkeys Studio will take your breath away with the beautiful watercolor style in a rich red, pink, and orange. You can print this free thank you card two per page and then add your personal note of thanks after printing.

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    Colored Paper Card from Melissa Esplin

    A thank you card laying on a table with washi tape.
    Melissa Esplin

    Melissa Esplin had designed these simple thank you cards that are just perfect for someone who wants to add a personal touch but doesn't have time to create their own homemade card from scratch. Print off the thank you card on the colored paper of your choice and add a little bit of your own flourish with anything from your kids' colored pencils to some glitter pens.

    These can be printed and used as postcards or put into a traditional envelope.

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    Two Thank You Cards From Party Place

    Purple and pink thank you cards.
    Party Place

    These are two very different printable thank you cards here but they both look great. These are simple thank you cards that once printed, fit an A2 sized envelope.

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    Simple Cards from Rebekah Disch Design

    A card that says "I Can't Thank You Enough" laying on a table
    Rebekah Disch Design

    This simple yet elegant free, printable thank you card from Rebekah Disch Design would be a great way to thank anyone in your life. Besides the greeting card pictured here, there's an additional greeting card and a "Hello" greeting card.

    You can get a similar look to the photo here by printing your cards out on Kraft cardstock.

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    Bunting Card by 74 Lime Lane

    A thank you card with a colorful banner
    74 Lime Lane

    This bunting thank you card from 74 Lime Lane will put an immediate smile on your face. These thank you cards print two per page and all you have to do is cut and fold.

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    Hey Thanks by Jennifer Ferguson for How About Orange

    A green thank you card
    How About Orange

    This lovely lime green printable thank you card says "hey, thanks". It's blank inside so you can add your own thank you message.

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    Four Cards by Pumpkins & Posies

    Four thank you cards in blue, black, coral, and yellow
    Pumpkins & Posies

    This download will get you not one, but four free printable thank you cards, one more gorgeous than the next. Pumpkins & Posies have designed these printable thank you cards that come in some chevron and floral designs. Scroll down the page you'll find more free printable cards for just about every occasion.

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    Colorful Cards by A Very Chocolate Life

    An orange thank you card with dots
    A Very Chocolate Life

    These printable thank you cards come in orange, brown, red, teal, pink, and green. After you've added your personal message these cards fit in an A1 sized envelope.

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    Fill In the Blank Notes for Kids

    Blank thank you cards for kids on a table
    Wit and Wander

    Here's a thank you note that's just for the kids. There are places for them to fill in the recipient's name, the gift they received, why they like it, and then a place for their name. There are two different designs, one with a flower and the other with stars. You can really add to this card by having the kids color a picture on the back.

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    Apple Card by Cottage Industrialist

    A thank you card with an apple on it
    Cottage Industrialist

    This printable thank you card would be great for a teacher but really would work for just about anyway. When you print this thank you card, you get to print two cards on one piece of paper.

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    Polka Dot Cards by Living Locurto

    A blue and brown thank you card
    Living Locurto

    These modern thank you cards print out two per page, one in teal and one in purple. Print these out, add your message, and send them off to the person you'd like to thank.

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    Blue and Brown Cards from Cottage Industrialist

    A blue, red, and brown thank you card
    Cottage Industrialist

    Here are some more printable thank you cards from Cottage Industrialist and this time you even get a matching printable envelope. This is a lovely thank you card that really works for anyone.

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    Geometric Cards from Minted Strawberry

    Blue, green, and pink thank you cards
    Minted Strawberry

    Minted Strawberry has designed a set of three thank you cards all in different geometric designs. You can download these free thank you cards in your choice of blue, green, or pink.