Free Sudoku Puzzles to Print

Free Sudoku puzzles for every level of skill

Addicted to Sudoku puzzles? About Puzzles has hundreds of free Sudoku Puzzles for every range of expertise, from extra-easy to extra-challenging. These printable Sudoku games come four to a page so you can save on paper. Happy puzzling!

Free Sudoku Puzzles to Print and Play

Extra Easy Sudoku Puzzles
These puzzles are meant for those who are just learning to solve Sudoku. They feature standard 9x9 grids, but have a large number of "givens" (numbers that are shown in the grid) making them easier to figure out.

Easy Sudoku Puzzles
These free Sudoku puzzles are intended for those who are still developing their solving strategies.

Medium Sudoku Puzzles
These intermediate Sudoku puzzles are meant for solvers with a fair amount of experience in solving Sudoku.

Challenging Sudoku Puzzles
These Sudoku puzzles are for experienced solvers looking for more of a challenge.

Extra Challenging Sudoku Puzzles
For expert solvers looking for Sudoku puzzles at the highest level of difficulty.

If you're just starting out and need help solving these puzzles, consult the tutorial How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles. According to our poll, most sudoku fans like to solve sudoku puzzles every day. How about you?

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