6 Printable Speech Bubbles for Scrapbooking

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    Speech Bubble Printables

    Speech bubbles might make you think of classic comic books, but they also make a cute addition to scrapbooks and other paper projects. You can use the bubbles for journaling, quotes, or sayings on scrapbook page layouts of any theme.

    Instructions for Using Speech Bubble Printables

    To save the speech bubble templates to your computer, simply right-click the full-size image and select "save as."

    To resize and print, right-click and select "copy." Open a word processing document and right-click on it and select "paste." Then, click anywhere on the image to select it and then click and drag one corner to resize it.

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    Free Scrapbook Speech Bubble Pattern 1
    Free Speech Bubble Pattern for Scrapbooking. Ludens

    This is a classic speech bubble with clean lines.

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    Rounded Square

    Free Scrapbook Speech Bubble Pattern 2
    Free Speech Bubble Pattern for Scrapbooking, Pattern 2. Ludens

    A rounded square pattern like this one works well with more text.

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    Scrapbook Speech Bubble 3
    Speech Bubble 3 for Journaling on Scrapbook Pages Speech Bubble Pattern 3. Ludens

    A square "bubble" can hold a large text block ​and gives a contemporary look to your scrapbook page.

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    Thought Bubble

    Speech Bubble 4
    Free Printable Pattern for Scrapbook Journaling Free Printable Scrapbooking Patterns Speech Bubble 4. Ludens

    Add a contemplative thought bubble to capture the thinking of your photo subject.

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    Speech Bubble 5
    Free Printable Scrapbooking Patterns Speech Bubble 5. Ludens

    This pattern includes a fun arrow, which is a great visual queue for drawing the viewer's eyes to just the right point on the scrapbook page. 

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    Super Hero

    Speech Bubble 6
    Super Hero Journaling Box for Scrapbooking Free Printable Scrapbooking Patterns Speech Bubble 6. Ludens

    This design would be great on a superhero-themed scrapbook page. Can't you imagine it saying "Ka-pow!"?