Free Printable Rulers

In Actual Size

Illustration of desktop with different supplies

Illustration: The Spruce / Catherine Song

Printable rulers are available in just about every form imaginable, including in actual size to measure feet, centimeters, inches, and metric measurements. There are your standard rulers but also protractors, growth charts, and French and hip curve rulers.

Rulers you can print are also convenient because they're more flexible than their plastic, wood, or metal counterparts; you can bend them to measure just about anything.

These are helpful if you're teaching your child or students about units of measurements, and with them being paper, they can even decorate them to make the activity a bit more fun.

These ruler downloads are actual size, so you'll want to take care to keep them that way when you print. When printing a paper ruler, make sure you don't have the shrink to fit option turned on, and page scaling should be set to none. It will print the ruler at actual size with accurate units.

If you're looking for a sturdier printout, use cardstock instead of printer paper.