Free Printable Place Cards for Thanksgiving

When it's time to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, there's hardly anything the host hates more than everyone trying to figure out where to sit. It can take several minutes--especially for big families--to sort out who should sit next to whom. Meanwhile, the mashed potatoes get cold. There's a simple solution to this annoyance: use place cards.

Place cards aren't just for weddings and big, fancy dinner parties. They are a simple way to make holiday dinners a little less chaotic....MORE Plus, the personalized touch makes guests feel special. Thanksgiving is an especially good time to use place cards because they can also give you and your friends and family the opportunity to share what you're each thankful for. 

There's a lot to do when hosting Thanksgiving dinner, however, so place cards should not be complicated. Sort out your seating as simply as possible by using free, printable place card templates. Here are 17 options to inspire you and help personalize your Thanksgiving tablescape. Now all that's left to do--besides cook the turkey--is figure out where everyone should sit.

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    Paper Banner Place Card

    paper ribbon place card
    Set the table with paper ribbons. In My Own Style

    There's no need for place card holders thanks to this clever design. Print and cut out kraft paper ribbons to arch over each plate and your guests will have no problem finding their seat.

    Paper banner place card from In My Own Style

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    Mini Food Flag Place Cards

    mini food flag place cards
    Use place cards as food flags. The Sweetest Occasion

    These simple, oval place cards are adhered to toothpicks and inserted into mini pies for a personalized dessert. As an alternative, these labels could also be tied onto cloth napkins or simply laid on a plate.

    Mini food flag place cards from The Sweetest Occasion 

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    Pumpkin Pie Place Cards

    pumpkin pie place cards
    Make a 3-D place card. Everyday Dishes

    Although this place card template requires some folding, the effect is worth a little extra effort. This 3-D slice of pumpkin pie hides a sweet surprise at each place can be filled with candy!

    Pumpkin pie place card by Everyday Dishes 

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    Glittered Acorn and Pumpkin Place Cards

    glittered place cards
    Add glitter to place cards. Charisa Darling

    With just a little scissor work, acorns and pumpkins stand out from the top of this place card. The cards then get folded and glittered to add a little bling to the holiday table. 

    Glittered acorn and pumpkin place cards from Charisa Darling 

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    Colorful Autumn Leaf Place Cards

    colorful autumn leaf place cards
    Add color with place cards. Just Peachy Designs

    These colorful place cards would look beautiful on a simple Thanksgiving tablescape set with white dishes and a fall centerpiece. The autumn leaf pattern may be just the pop of color you need to tie everything together.

    Colorful autumn leaf place cards from Just Peachy Designs

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    Classic Turkey Place Cards

    classic turkey place cards
    Traditional turkey place cards. Martha Stewart

    If your tastes lean towards traditional, try this simple place card template featuring a handsome turkey that will match a set of Spode dishes perfectly.

    Classic turkey place cards from Martha Stewart

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    Mini Flag Bunting Place Card

    mini flag bunting place card
    Add whimsy to your table with a place card. DIY Network

    This place card template allows you to type in the letters of each guest's name before printing. After cutting out each flag and assembling the names as bunting on a length of string, you'll have a whimsical way to show guests where to sit. 

    Mini flag bunting place card from DIY Network

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    Personalized Turkey Place Card

    personalized turkey place cards
    Personalized place settings. Dixie Crystals

    A little assembly is required for this turkey place card as well; however, the kids can help with this one. Print out and color the shapes, then use the tail feathers to tell each of your guests why you're thankful for them.

    Personalized turkey place card from Dixie Crystals 

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    Simple Laurel Leaf Place Cards

    simple laurel leaf place cards
    Simple Thanksgiving place cards. Designs by Miss Mandee

    If you don't have nice handwriting, try an editable place card template like this one. Simply type the names into the file before printing them! Use any color of card stock to match your table's theme. 

    Simple laurel leaf place cards from Designs by Miss Mandee

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    Feather Place Cards

    feather place cards
    Colorful feather place cards. Name Tag Jungle

    This colorful feather motif with a chevron pattern will lend a modern touch to any Thanksgiving table. Use novelty place card holders to elevate these pretty cards even more.

    Feather place cards from Name Tag Jungle

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    Place Cards with Feather Pencils

    Place cards with pencils
    Pencils with place cards. Crafting Chicks

    Speaking of feathers, check out this idea. Craft cute feather pencils as party favors, then use the place card as a way to display them. Guests can write down what they're thankful for, then share their thoughts throughout dinner.

    Place cards with feather pencils from Crafting Chicks

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    Black Place Cards with Fall Florals

    black place card with fall florals
    Modern floral Thanksgiving place card. Today's Creative Life

    This pretty place card template sports modern fall florals on a dark background, which will really pop against white plates. 

     Black place cards with fall florals from Today's Creative Life

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    Fall Leaf Place Cards

    diy fall leaf place cards
    Print fall leaf place cards. Intimate Weddings

    Download and print these pretty leaf shapes to use as place cards. You can lay these right on top of each plate, or punch a hole in them to string them around a napkin, a wine glass, or even small pumpkins or gourds.

    Fall leaf place cards from Intimate Weddings 

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    Elegant Leaf Place Card

    elegant fall leaf place card
    Add elegance to a fall table. EAB Designs

    This leaf place card template is simple and elegant. A dusting of color around the edge, and a simple fold in the middle gives it dimension. Tie on a couple of acorns for a touch more natural beauty.

    Elegant leaf place card from EAB Designs 

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    Place cards with Leaves and Berries

    place cards with leaves and berries
    Capture fall's bounty with place cards. Elegance and Enchantment

    Here's another place card template that lets you personalize each one before printing the set. Leaves and berries adorn this tent card, along with a simple reminder to "Give Thanks."

    Leaf and berry place card from Elegance and Enchantment 

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    Playful Turkey Place Cards

    playful turkey place cards
    Fun and festive turkey place cards. Capturing Joy

    Have a kids' table? Use these playful turkeys to tell all of your little pilgrims where to sit. This way, you'll be able to separate the more mischievous cousins from one another.

    Playful turkey place cards from Capturing Joy

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    Kraft Paper Place Card

    kraft paper place cards
    Make paper napkin rings into place cards. Fantabulosity

    This place card doubles as a napkin holder. The kraft paper cuffs can be customized before printing, then slip effortlessly over a table setting to keep things organized and elegant.

    Kraft paper place card from Fantabulosity