14 Free Printable Place Cards for Thanksgiving

Place card
Image Source / Getty Images

When it's time to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, there's hardly anything the host hates more than everyone trying to figure out where to sit. It can take several minutes—especially for big families—to sort out who should sit next to whom. Meanwhile, the mashed potatoes get cold. There's a simple solution to this annoyance: use place cards.

Place cards aren't just for weddings and big, fancy dinner parties. They are a simple way to make holiday dinners a little less chaotic. Plus, the personalized touch makes guests feel special. Thanksgiving is an especially good time to use place cards because they can also give you and your friends and family the opportunity to share what you're each thankful for. 

There's a lot to do when hosting Thanksgiving dinner, however, so place cards should not be complicated. Sort out your seating as simply as possible by using free, printable place card templates. Here are 14 options to inspire you and help personalize your Thanksgiving tablescape. Now all that's left to do—besides cook the turkey—is figure out where everyone should sit.