Free Printable Origami Paper to Download

free printable origami paper

Paper Crystal / Origami Bunny Rabbit

The cost of origami paper can add up quickly, especially if you're still perfecting your folding skills and go through a lot of it. Using free printable origami paper makes it easy to start exploring the art of paper folding without breaking the bank. You simply choose the design you want to use, download the file, and print it on white paper.

For the best results, use paper that is 60-80 GSM. Regular white printer paper will do just fine. The quality of your printer and the ink levels will affect the final result of your printed origami papers––so make sure you're not low on ink before clicking "print."

​If printing and cutting out squares isn't your cup of tea, there are other types of paper you probably have around the house that can be used to practice your folding techniques. The wonderful thing about having origami as a hobby is that it can be done on a budget.

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    Rabbit Pattern

    rabbit origami paper
    Paper Crystal

    Paper Kawaii has many different origami papers that you can download and printout for free, including this rabbit pattern. Little white rabbits are a frequent motif in Japanese chiyogami; combined with the pretty pastels of these papers, they're perfect for springtime.

    Remember to print the graphic using the high-quality settings on your printer to ensure that your final origami project looks good.

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    Seigaiha Pattern

    segeiha pattern free printable origami paper
    Paper Crystal

    This Japanese seigaiha, or blue ocean wave pattern, printable origami paper combines bold colors with a traditional pattern that represents good luck and tranquility.

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    Japanese Hemp Leaf Pattern

    Asanoha Pattern Origami Paper
    Paper Crystal

    You may look at this free origami paper pattern and see stars, but it's actually a classic Japanese motif, the asanoha––or hemp leaf––pattern. Because hemp grows quickly, this pattern symbolizes growth and good health.

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    Peony Flower Pattern

    peony pattern origami paper
    Paper Crystal

    Another print that's lovely for springtime, this peony flower pattern is available in many different color variations. 

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    Crystal Pattern

    crystals origami paper
    Paper Crystal

    If you want to go the non-traditional route with your origami paper, this fun download features a crystal pattern in multiple colors. It might not be a traditional Japanese design, but whatever you make with it will turn out fabulous.