Free Printable Mustache Images

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    Free Printable Mustache Images

    Free Printable Mustache Images (PDF) Kate Pullen

     These mustache (or mustache) images are free for you to download. These are part of a huge library of free printables we have for you!

    There are three printable mustache designs, with two versions of each. One is an outline image which you can color, and the other is a solid black version. The images are easy to use with simple shapes. The solid black image can be used as it is, or try adding some black flocking powder or flock to the mustache image to give it texture.

    The outline images can be colored using a variety of coloring media. Pens, inks, or paints are ideal for coloring. Alternatively, try using the images as templates and cut the images from thick card stock or decorative paper. You can resize the mustache images on your printer or photocopier if you want larger or smaller images.

    These mustaches are ideal for adding to handmade cards or scrapbook pages. These images would make a fun embellishment for a card. Simply print out the page and cut the mustaches from the page and add them to card designs - or even them to photos to give family and friends a new look!

    How to Download and Print the Mustache Images

    To download the mustache file, simply click on the link below and save the file to your computer.

    • Download Mustache Page


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    How to Use the Mustache Images

    Mustache or mustache (the spelling depends on where you are in the world!), images are hot property right now. A quick flick through magazines and websites will show a plethora of projects which feature a mustache or two. Whether it's a vintage-styled curly mustache or a thick mustache that would do Magnum proud, they add a fun and funky look to a project. Here are some ideas for how you can use the mustache images:

    • Add one of the printed mustache images to a photo to give family and friends. Give everyone in a group image a different mustache - this will raise a smile from all concerned!
    • Use a single mustache image as the feature image of a handmade card. Stamp or handwrite a suitable sentiment. This type of image is suited to vintage designs, and Victorian-inspired print background paper would be an ideal complement to this type of project.
    • Use the images as a template to make a fake mustache. See a detailed step by step photo tutorial here - How to Make a Fake Mustache.

    The mustache trend is one that is still going strong and becomes extra popular each November -when men around the world proudly sport a mustache and/or beard.