Free, Printable Mother's Day Cards

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These printable Mother's Day cards are a great, easy, and free way to let the mom in your life know how much she means to you.

Some of these printable Mother's Day cards can be customized before printing with photos and greetings, while others need to be printed first and then you can handwrite your message on them. Just follow the directions on each of the websites to get the best results.

Your mom will appreciate that these printable Mother's Day cards can be customized just for her (and that she's raised you to be a smart consumer who doesn't pay for anything you can get for free!).

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    Watercolor Mother's Day Card

    Two mother's day cards on a table

    A Lively Hope

    This printable Mother's Day card from A Lively Hope features hand-lettering and beautiful watercolor florals. It's a perfect card for any mom in your life. The card is available as a folding card or as a 5- by 7-inch print. After you print, simply cut along the dotted lines and fold the card. You'll then need to add your message and sign your name.

    Watercolor Mother's Day Card from A Lively Hope

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    Things I Know About My Amazing Mom

    A blue and pink Mother's Day card on a table

    Kori Clark

    The Amazing Mom card from Kori Clark is a great Mother's Day card that a child can give. Place it in a frame, and it makes a quick and easy gift that she'll love. This card asks the child to fill in what their mom loves to do, her favorite food, what she works hard at, where she likes to go, and fun activities she likes to do with the kids. There are a ton of options here, and you can get this card for mom or grandma. There are also a few other cards here that are just as beautiful.

    Things I Know About My Amazing Mom from Kori Clark

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    Modern Mother's Day Card

    Mother's Day card

    Delia Creates

    Here's a free, printable Mother's Day card for the mom who wants something a little different. Delia Creates has designed this bold and colorful "MAMA" card that's sure to delight her. There's also a black and white version if you're looking for something a bit simpler.

    Modern Mother's Day Card from Delia Creates

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    Mother's Day Card

    A Mother's Day card with a heart made of roses on it

    Ash and Crafts

    This beautiful Mother's Day card from Ash and Crafts features red and pink watercolor roses that form a heart along with the phrase "Happy Mother's Day." To print this Mother's Day card, click on the image to make it larger and then print it from your browser.

    Mother's Day Card from Ash and Crafts

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    Funny Free, Printable Mother's Day Cards

    A group of five funny Mother's Day cards on a white background

    The Dating Divas

    You'll find five free Mother's Day cards from The Dating Divas, each one meant to tickle mom's funny bone. From thanking mom for making you so gorgeous, to finally admitting that she was right about everything, these fun cards will make mom smile.

    Funny Free, Printable Mother's Day Cards from The Dating Divas

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    Three Free Hand Lettered Mother's Day Cards

    A floral watercolor Mother's Day card

    Lolly Jane Blog

    The Lolly Jane Blog has created three free Mother's Day cards, making it easy to pick the one you think mom would love the best. There's a vintage style "Home is Where Your Mom is" card, a mason jar "mom" card, and a floral watercolor card that says "Home is Where Your Mom is."  Each of the cards is a separate download that prints one per page. After you've printed it out, fold it as a half-page card. Don't forget that special message for mom!

    Three Free Hand Lettered Mother's Day Cards from Lolly Jane

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    Mother's Day Printable Card and Envelope

    A pink and gold Mother's Day card

    Pinegate Road

    Here's a tiny but beautiful Mother's Day card designed by Pinegate Road. It has a pink watercolor background with "Happy Mother's Day" in gold. In addition to the free Mother's Day card, there's also a printable envelope that when assembled fits the Mother's Day card perfectly.

    Mother's Day Printable Card and Envelope from Pinegate Road

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    Mother's Day Free, Printable Notecard

    A photograph of a card that says "You Rock, Mama."

    Alice & Lois

    Alice & Lois has designed this classic black and white Mother's Day card that's completely free for you to download and print. The message on the front says "You rock, Mama." You can download this free Mother's Day card as a postcard or a 5- by 7-inch flat card.

    Mother's Day Free, Printable Notecard from Alice & Lois

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    Printable Mother's Day Cards 4 Ways

    Colorful miniature Mother's Day cards on a table

    Anders Ruff

    These are some adorable printable Mother's Day cards from Anders Ruff that you simply download and print from your home computer. The set of four cards wish the mom in your life a Happy Mother's Day in bright pink, light pink, yellow, and blue. Besides the free printable Mother's Day cards, there are also Mother's Day logos that can be used as stickers, cupcake toppers, or however you see fit.

    Printable Mother's Day Cards 4 Ways from Anders Ruff

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    Floral Love

    A floral card that says "Happy Mother's Day"

    Greetings Island

    This beautiful Mother's Day printable card is a floral wreath with rich reds, pinks, and greens. The card has 10 inner layouts to choose from, the ability to add virtual stickers, the option to add photos, and completely customizable inside text. You can print this card off or send it as an ecard.

    Floral Love from Greetings Island