Free Halloween Cards You Can Print

These free, printable Halloween cards are a great way that you can wish friends and family a Happy Halloween. Some are sweet and some are spooky but all of these Halloween cards can be used to send best wishes to the recipient.

Some of these printable Halloween cards can be customized with your own photos and text before printing while others are printed first and then you can add a handwritten note. All of them are completely free to print from your home computer.

If you like these free,...MORE printable Halloween cards and are looking for more Halloween freebies, you can find Halloween ecards, printable Halloween party invitations and online Halloween party invitations to make your Halloween more fun for free.

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    A screenshot of 6 Halloween cards.
    I Dig Pinterest

    This set of cute Halloween cards is a twist on Valentines - Frankentines! There are 6 free, printables cards here featuring a monster, witch, mummy candy corn, black cat, and a spider. They're a little bit spooky but very, very sweet.

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    A spider on an orange Halloween card.
    Creative In Chicago

    These printable Halloween cards come in four different designs with either a spider, ghost, jack lantern or spider web on the front. The inside of this free, printable Halloween card is left blank so you can add your own Halloween greeting.

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    Four Halloween mini cards.

    These are some adorable printable Halloween cards in a miniature version that print 4 per page. When you print these Halloween cards out you'll get a little Frankenstein, witch, pumpkin, and skeleton. Very adorable!

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    A Halloween card with a purple skull on it.
    Greeting Island

    This is a very cool printable Halloween card that simply sends the message across to have a Happy Halloween. You can customize this printable Halloween card in just about any way you want by adding text, photos, and stickers to it before printing.

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    A fox with a mask on a Halloween card.
    Squirrely Minds

    I'm a big fan of foxes so when I saw this Halloween card I knew I had to include it on my list. A fox wearing a cape and mask sends a "Trick or Treat" message just taunting the recipient to open the card. The other free Halloween card here features a mouse with a carving knife and a very nervous pumpkin, all with the title "Is Your Pumpkin Ready?" You can print these out and fold them with a finished measurement of 4" x 5.5".

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    A Halloween card with a black cat on it.
    Greeting Island

    This printable Halloween card features a black cat looking pretty menacing. You can choose to print this just the front or the front and the inside of this free, printable Halloween card.