Free, Printable Get Well Cards

Send a Smile With These Printable Get Well Cards

These free, printable get well cards are sure to put a smile on that friend or family member's face who's feeling under the weather or on the road to recovery.

There are quite a few different styles of printable get well cards here ranging from the funny and silly to the caring and encouraging. You're sure to find the right card just for the person you're sending it to whether you're looking for something classic or whimsical.

I suggest using cardstock when printing these get...MORE well cards but plain computer paper will work in a pinch. Changing up the color of the cardstock or paper can also add an interesting design element to the card. You can also print a free envelope to slip the card into and top it with a free address label customized just for you.

There are many other free, printable greeting cards that will help save you time and money including birthday cards, thank you cards, and sympathy cards.

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    An orange, blue, and pink get well card with a rain shower and umbrellas on it.
    Nicole Love

    Nicole Love has designed this beautiful free, printable get well card designed in blue, orange, and pink that features a stormy rain cloud and a cute little bird holding an umbrella.


    This get well card prints as an 8.5 x 5.5 print out that can be folding in half once to make the card. Add your written message inside and it's ready to be sent off.

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    A woman holding a banner that says

    These are some downright adorable printable get well cards that are sure to cheer up just about anyone.

    These get well mini cards feature a girl holding a "Get Well Soon" banner. If you're feeling really creative you could even color these get well cards after printing.

    This get well card is downloaded as a PDF file which you can use a free PDF reader to download.

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    A girl coloring a giant get well soon card.
    Frog Prince Paperie

    There is absolutely no way, no how, that the recipient of this get well soon card will not smile when they open up this huge card colored by your kids.

    It's a simple card but makes a big statement when you get printed at your local copy store. If you want to print it at home though, you can easily print it on a regular sheet of paper and still have the kids color it before sending.

    This really is the perfect get well card for a grandparent or anyone else in the family.

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    A yellow, gray, and white get well card.

    This lovely printable get well card features gray, yellow, and white triangles with the message of "Feel Better Soon." There's also another card here that says "Just a little sunshine to brighten up your day."

    In addition to these two pretty get well cards you'll find a ton of other printables and ideas to put together a whole care package. There are get well tags, get well soon stickers, and a few different designs of backgrounds.

    You'll also find directions how to make a serving tray out of the get well card printable. What a cute idea!