11 Free, Printable Father's Day Coupon Books

Father's Day coupons, coffee, and toast with jam
A Whole Lot of Tiny

You can give these Father's Day coupons to dad on this special day, and he can redeem them throughout the year for everything from being relieved from trash duty to getting to pick where he wants to go to lunch.

Giving a Father's Day coupon book is an excellent gift because you can personalize it just for dad with coupons that he'll love. They're also all free and can be printed right from your own home, making it a very quick and easy gift.

You might also like making printable Father's Day cards or printing out coloring pages about dad for your younger children to beautify.

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    Father's Day Coupons Free Printable

    Father's Day coupons with breakfast

    Alice and Lois

    These colorful Father's Day coupons from Alice & Lois are all blank, so you can fill in something dad really wants. There are many ideas here if you get stuck coming up with your own. The coupon books have two size options available, the smaller one fits eight coupons per page, and the larger one has four coupons per page. Other fun ideas include printable labels for jars and bottles and single-use tickets.

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    The Most Amazing Dad Ever Coupon Book

    Father's Day coupons, coffee, and toast with jam.
    A Whole Lot of Tiny

    These green, gray, and cream Father's Day coupons will give dad everything he wants for Father's Day this year. Follow detailed instructions telling you how to cut the coupons and assemble them into a coupon book. A Whole Lot of Tiny also sells Father's Day t-shirts and other free printables.

    Note: You have to subscribe to the A Whole Lot of Tiny newsletter to get the printables for the Father's Day coupons, but it's completely free.

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    Happy Father's Day Coupons for the Best Dad

    Hands holding a Father's Day coupon book
    Skip to My Lou

    Skip To My Lou has a complete free Father's Day coupon book that includes the filled-in coupons and the coupon book. Redeemable vouchers are for a car wash, breakfast in bed, a big hug, movie night, and more. It includes a few blank coupons for something unique that only your dad would enjoy. All you need is paper, a printer, scissors, and a stapler.

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    Paper Tie Father's Day Coupon Printables

    Paper ties as coupons laying on a table.

    Reasons to Skip the Housework

    Dad will love these Father's Day coupons shaped like ties from Reasons to Skip the Housework. Choose from 10 different designs, including a tie pattern on the front and room for a coupon on the back. The coupons are all blank, so you'll have to come up with your own redeemable favors.

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    Mustache Father's Day Coupons

    A close-up of a Father's Day coupon with a mustache on it.
    Redfly Creations

    Redfly Creations has created these whimsical mustached Father's Day coupons that you can print for free from a pdf. The eight different designs include coupons for a back rub, bear hug, ice cream, and some blank coupons to write your own.

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    Father's Day Gift Tokens

    A group of tokens laying on a table.


    Here's a spin on Father's Day coupons: tokens. Dad can use the tokens from Evermine to get a free car wash, a game of catch, a chore done, a bear hug, and a break from trash duty. You can use the blank token to customize a special one for dad. Before printing, you can download these tokens in four different colors—green, orange, red, and royal blue.

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    I Love Dad Father's Day Ticket Book

    A "Dad Ticket" in white and brown.

    Nellie Designs

    These "Dad Tickets" from Nellie Design are adorable and even include a faux bar code to make them look real. You can print out the coupons and then write in what dad can redeem the ticket for. You can also print a cover to combine all the tickets into a coupon book.

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    Daddy's Coupon Book

    A Daddy's Coupon Book sitting on a table.

    Inspiration Made Simple

    This printable coupon book from Inspiration Made Simple has a few blank coupons plus coupons that dad can redeem for a car wash, dad time, the biggest bear hug ever, taking out the trash, and folding a load of laundry. A printable coupon book cover is included, making this a quick and easy Father's Day gift.

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    Coupon Book for the Best Dad Ever!

    A coupon book for dad, an apple, and a cup of coffee.

    Botanical Paperworks

    This colorful Father's Day coupon book from Botanical Paperworks includes a printable cover and coupons that can be filled in with a special favor that dad can get. If you have multiple children in the house, this coupon book can be a great present from all the kids; each kid can sign their name to their particular coupons.

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    Free, Printable Father's Day Coupons

    Father's Day coupons laying on a table.

    Itsy Bitsy Fun

    You can print pre-written or blank Father's Day coupons from Itsy Bitsy Fun. The pre-written coupons include obeying with no whining, quiet time during TV, breakfast in bed, taking out the trash, and more.

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    Romantic Wallet Surprise

    A man's wallet and Father's Day coupons laying on a table.

    The Dating Divas

    These Father's Day coupons from The Dating Divas are for mom to give dad on his special day. Mom slips these coupons in his wallet, and dad can redeem them for a movie night, game night, lunch out, and more.