Free, Printable Father's Day Cards

Unique and Free Father's Day Cards

A son giving his dad a Father's Day card
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A Father's Day card is a touching and simple way that you can let the dad in your life know how much you love him and what he means to you.

These free, printable Father's Day cards come in all different designs from Darth Vadar to a paper tie to a retro gaming card. There really is a card here for any dad, no matter what his interests are.

The free Father's Day cards look best when printed on cardstock but you could use regular computer paper in a pinch. After you print, add your message and you're ready to make dad smile.

You can also grab some Father's Day coloring pages and DIY coupons.


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    Free, Printable Father's Day Cards from Teepee Girl

    Two Father's Day cards laying on a table with craft supplies
    Teepee Girl

    These two free, printable Father's Day cards from Teepee Girl would be great for any age of dad, that's any relationship to you. They are some universal cards that any dad would love to get.

    One of the cards features the phrase "Happy Father's Day!" with a picture of a mustache, while the other card says "For the World's Best Dad, #1, I Love You!" with a trophy on it.

    There's even a free envelope template included that will fit your card perfectly.

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    Star Wars Father's Day Card from Girl Like the Sea

    darth da's day card

     All the Star Wars fans who are fathers out there are sure to love this card that features Darth Vader along with the phrase "I Am Your Father...'s Day Card." 

    There are three slightly different cards to choose from here and I'm sure dad would love to get any of them this Father's Day.

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    Daddy Ties from Kiki and Company

    A man wearing a Father's Day card that doubles as a tie
    Kiki and Company

    These Daddy Ties from Kiki and Company are simply adorable. The outside of the tie comes in three different colors - blue and white, orange and white, and green and white.

    Open up the tie and inside is a questionnaire that kids can fill out to tell dad what they like to do with him, why they love him, and more.

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    Etch a Sketch Father's Day Card from Zakka Life

    A Father's Day card that looks like an Etch a Sketch
    Zakka Life

    The retro dad is going to love this unique Etch a Sketch lookalike card from Zakka Life.​​

    Simply print out the card on cardstock and then cut it out on the outline of the card. Now it's time to hand it to the coolest dad you know.

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    Father's Day Card Game by Kori Clark

    A word search Father's Day card with a pen
    Kori Clark

    Now, this is a unique Father's Day card that still feels classic.

    Print off this Father's Day card and let dad have some fun finding the secret message you're sending him.

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    Simple Father's Day Cards by Thinking About Pretty

    Three designs of Father's Day cards
    Thinking About Pretty

    There are three printable Father's Day cards here and I honestly can't decide which one I like best.

    You can print a Father's Day card that says "#1 Dad", "Thanks, Dad", or one that simply features a tie.

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    Free Printable Father's Day Card by Sweet Scarlet

    A Father's Day card setting on top of a pile of books
    Sweet Scarlet

    Sweet Scarlet has an adorable free Father's Day card available that's perfect for a child to give to their daddy.

    All you'll need to do to get this Father's Day card ready to go is print and cut.

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    Real Men Have Kids and Daddy & Me by The Mombot

    Two Father's Day cards on a table
    The Mombot

    The first card here is a simple printable that says "Real Men Have Kids" and leaves you room to write a message inside.

    The second Father's Day card is part card and part craft for young children to complete for their dads. The child completes the drawing of themselves and their dad plus lists the top 3 reasons they love their dad. So cute!

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    Dad, You're Awesome by Sarah Hearts

    Father's Day cards in blue, green, and orange
    Sarah Hearts

    You'll have your choice of 3 different Father's Day cards here that a bright and cheerful.

    Just click the download link to get these free Father's Day cards.

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    Happy Father's Day Cards and Printables at Catch My Party

    Happy Fathers Day greeting cards in four different colors.
    Catch My Party

    You won't only get a printable Father's Day card here but you'll also get free printable party tags, labels, napkin rings, invitations, favor tags, and a Happy Father's Day banner.

    There are several types of Father's Day cards here so you can choose to print off the basic design, one that says thank you, or one that leave some space for your child to draw a picture.