13 Free Printable Christmas Lists

christmas wish list illustration

The Spruce / Theresa Chiechi

There are so many fun family traditions this time of year, from enjoying the first snow together to singing carols and decking the halls. If letters to Santa are on your agenda, look no further than these printable Christmas lists to help you along the way.

Each wish list chosen here has various perks—some are geared towards young children, some to teens and tweens, and some are even for parents (yes, you get to make a few Christmas wishes, too!). The best part: All of them are free and can be printed out right from your computer, and they're cute enough to save as keepsakes long after childhood has passed.

If you're looking for more festive cheer after your child has filled out their Christmas wish list, you can have your little ones write a letter to Santa, or help them get a video or call from the big man himself.

Christmas Wish Lists for Little Kids

Good news: Even if they can't write, your toddler or preschooler doesn't have to be left out of the fun! These Christmas wish lists are perfect for the little kids in your life, with pictures, words, and simple phrases that allow them to easily convey what they want to see under the tree this year.

  • Paperspice's Free Printable Christmas Wish List: This Christmas wish list is perfect for younger kids, thanks to its oversized letters and ample writing space.
  • Live Craft Eat offers 11 different Christmas Wish Lists for downloading. You're sure to have the ideal prompt for your little one with these creative choices. Choose from a picture-based wish list (where kids can either write down or draw the gift they want), a regular wish list, a wish list (that includes wants, needs, what to wear, and what to read), and a wish list for Santa.

Christmas Wish Lists for Kids

These printable Christmas lists are great for kids of all ages. They each have plenty of room for children to write down as many goodies as they can dream up, and all act as a great way for kids to focus on what they really want for Christmas this year.

  • Where'd My Sanity Go's Printable Christmas List: Choose between four Christmas wish list designs, and have kids fill out what they hope Santa will bring them.
  • Free Christmas Wish List from Happiness is Homemade: This free printable Christmas list acts as a mini questionnaire for your child, providing them spots to also share things like their favorites, things' they're into, things they want, things they need, clothes they'll wear, and books they'll read.
  • Template Archive Christmas Wish List Collection: Kids get a bit of helpful direction from this group of Christmas list pages. Some will prompt them to list their favorite colors and other preferences.
  • A Christmas Wish List: Using this Christmas list, kids can fill in the presents they'd like, what they currently collect, as well as their favorite color, game, movie, music, and more. There's also room for them to list their sizes in clothing and shoes, making this a great list to hand out to grandparents or other family members that may be buying for your child this holiday season.
  • My Christmas Wish List: Similar to those above, this selection of Christmas wish list asks children to fill out all their current favorites alongside their list of presents, resulting in a fun keepsake for grown kids to look back on years from now.
  • Dear Santa Christmas Wish List Printable: This is a beautiful printable Christmas including a letter to Santa, making it perfect for little ones who want to make sure they say hi to St. Nick.

Christmas Wish Lists for Everyone

These Christmas wish lists work well for just about anyone, so print one out and give it to everyone you know, kids and adults included.

  • Household Management's Printable Christmas Wish List: If you have trouble remembering where to find certain gifts, this list is for you. Have family members fill out the columns, which include one stating where the person saw the gift. There's also a column to mark the gift's priority.
  • Organizing Homelife's Christmas Wish Lists: This site boasts different designs for girls, boys, and a generic wish list, each featuring different gift prompts and room for current favorites.
  • Anders Ruff's Printable Wish List: For the parent that wants a seamless, coordinated look, download this wish list set—not only does it include seasonal red and green lists, but it also comes with matching tags for all those eventual gifts you'll be buying.
  • Four Rule Christmas Wish List: There are four spots available on this print out to list gift ideas for something you want, need, read, and wear. At the bottom, there's also a place to mark the one gift you desire the most.
  • Jones Design Company's Christmas Wish Lists: These wish lists have simple elegant titles and no lines, making them ideal to hand out to the adults on your list to get their requests