11 Free, Printable Christmas Thank You Cards

A Christmas thank you card with holly and berries

Richard Vandenberg/E+/Getty Images

Sending a Christmas thank you card is a wonderful way to thank a person for giving you a gift, helping you out around the holidays, or just for making your holiday an extra special time.

In the list below, you'll find Christmas thank you cards that are meant to be filled and out and sent by children but also some that are more suitable for adults to send. There's a great variety of styles as well, from the elegant to the modern.

If you're looking for some thank you notes that are more of an everyday style, you can find some ​free printable thank you cards that will work great.

If you're helping your child write a Christmas thank you card, here are some great tips on helping kids write thank you notes as well as some ways you can make those thank you notes extra special.

Tip: Printing these Christmas thank you cards on cardstock is recommended but they also will look nice on regular printer paper. If you need an envelope, check out some free envelope templates so you can make your own.

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