Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Top Your Gifts With These Printable Christmas Gift Tags and Labels

Ilustration of a Christmas tree with gifts under it

The Spruce / Ran Zheng 

These free, printable Christmas gift tags can be printed straight from your home computer, cut out, and then attached to your gifts.

Not only will you save money by using these printable Christmas gift tags, but you'll also save time from having to buy them at the store, and they'll add a personal handmade touch to your gift. After all, saving money, time, and showing someone you care should really be what Christmas is all about.

We also have some other free, printable gift tags (and even more free gift tags!) that are not Christmas-themed but would look great on your holiday gifts as well.

These printable holiday tags can be printed on normal computer paper if you wish but we really suggest printing them on sticker/label paper or on card stock and then using a hole punch and ribbon to create your tags. They are fine when printed in black and white but they look so much better when printed in color.