Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Top Your Gifts With These Printable Christmas Gift Tags and Labels

Ilustration of a Christmas tree with gifts under it

The Spruce / Ran Zheng 

These free, printable Christmas gift tags can be printed straight from your home computer, cut out, and then attached to your gifts.

Not only will you save money by using these printable Christmas gift tags, but you'll also save the time from having to buy them at the store, and they'll add a personal handmade touch to your gift. After all, saving money, time, and showing someone you care should really be what Christmas is all about.

We have many more Christmas freebies including more free Christmas printables, paper snowflake templatesprintable Christmas cards, printable Christmas coloring pages, and so much more.

We also have some other free, printable gift tags (and even more free gift tags!) that are not Christmas themed but would look great on your holiday gifts as well.

Tip: These printable holiday tags can be printed on normal computer paper if you wish but we really suggest printing them on sticker/label paper or on card stock and then using a hole punch and ribbon to create your tags. They are fine when printed in black and white but they look so much better when printed in color.

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    Free, Printable Christmas Gift Tags from Lia Griffith for World Label

    Chalkboard style Christmas gift tags laying on a table.
    Lia Griffith/World Label

    Lia Griffith designed these stunning Christmas gift tags for World Label and they simply take our breath away. We would be thrilled to put these on any gift this holiday season.

    They're in a chalkboard style and come in tags, circles, and rectangle shaped labels. They have various designs of snowflakes, holly, and pine cones. They're so pretty you'll have to print the whole set out.

    The best thing about these free, printable Christmas gift tags is that you can type in the names before you print them, so your handwriting really can look perfect.

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    Free Christmas Gift Tags from Gather & Feast

    Simple Christmas gift tags on presents.
    Gather & Feast

    Gather & Feast has designed some lovely black and white Christmas gift tags that would be an elegant touch to any of your gifts this year.

    There are 10 different tags here, featuring Christmas trees, holiday phrases, and more.

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    Woodland Christmas Gift Tags from World Label

    A group of gifts with Christmas tags on them.
    World Label

    World Label has done it again with these adorable Woodland Christmas gift tags and labels that are completely free for you to download and use on all your gifts this year.

    You'll find images of foxes, owls, bears, squirrels, deer and more in these traditional tags as well as circle tags.

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    Watercolor and Glitter Christmas Labels from World Label

    Christmas gift tags in a watercolor and glitter style.
    World Label

     You'll love these watercolor and glitter style holiday tags and labels from World Label.

    There are gift tag labels as well as circle labels like these that will add an extra special touch to your gifts this year.

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    Christmas Gift Tags from Bloom Designs and I Heart Naptime

    A set of black and white Christmas gift tags on a table.
    I Heart Naptime

    I love the simplicity of these Christmas gift tags designed by Bloom Designs for I Heart Naptime. They're available in red and white and black and white.

    The Christmas tags say "Love & Joy", "Believe", "Holly Jolly", "Merry Merry", and "Holiday Cheer.

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    Vintage Truck Christmas Gift Tags from Nina Hendrick

    A vintage truck Christmas gift tag on a present.
    Nina Hendrick

    Nina Hendrick has designed these free, printable Christmas gift tags and labels that have a drawing of the iconic image of a Christmas tree on a truck.

    The free download includes 8 labels on one sheet, making it easy to print and cut apart.

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    Merry Christmas Holiday Tags by Design Sponge

    Whimsical holiday gift tags in red and blue.
    Design Sponge

    A single sheet of card stock will get you 7 uniquely different printable Christmas tags here.

    You'll get Christmas gift tags that include mittens, stocking caps, reindeer, poinsettias, toy soldiers, and a winter city scene.

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    Merry and Bright Christmas Gift Tags from Simple As That

    Four different styles of modern Christmas gift tags.
    Simple as That

    Simple As That has designed these modern Christmas gift tags of trees and moose formed from red, green, and gold geometric shapes.

    These Christmas gift tags are all free to print and print out one per page, making it easy to get just the gift tag you want.

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    Happy Holidays Printable Gift Tags by Fresh Picked Whimsy

    Whimsical holiday gift tags.
    Fresh Picked Whimsy

    These free, printable Christmas gift tags are sure to put a smile on everyone's face.

    Don't these tags look so much better than the ones at the store?

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    Pretty Printable Gift Tags by The Sweetest Occasion

    Purple, silver, and yellow Christmas gift tags.
    The Sweetest Occasion

    These beautifully designed printable Christmas tags are in colors of violet, gray, and gold.

    I love this unique color scheme and you can bet that I'll be using some of these printable Christmas gift tags on my gifts this year.

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    Printable Watercolor Holiday Wreath Gift Tags from The Postmans Knock

    A watercolor holiday gift tag
    The Postmans Knock

    The Postman's Knock has created some lovely watercolor holiday tags using lovely colors of green and red to create a wreath.

    These print off 9 per page at about 2.5" in diameter each. You can fussy cut them like shown here or simply cut them in a circle.

    Use a pretty pen to add the name of the recipient in the center of the wreath.

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    Wild Olive's Printable Christmas Gift Tags

    Colorful Christmas gift tags you can print.
    Wild Olive

    These simple and modern Christmas gift tags by Wild Olive have small images that leave you plenty of room to write on them.

    Mittens, birds, wreaths, and snow globes are a just a few of the images that adorn these printable Christmas gift tags.

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    Printable Holiday Tags by Amy at Creature Comforts

    Eight colorful Christmas gift tags.
    Creature Comforts

    These free, printable Christmas gift tags are so adorable!

    You'll get to print out a snowman, reindeer, holly, and a cup of hot cocoa.

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    Printable Christmas Gift Tags From The Black Apple

    Gift tags with a mitten, tree, bird, and more.
    The Black Apple

    Another lovely set of free, printable Christmas gift tags can be found over at The Black Apple.

    These gift tags feature a bird, mitten, Christmas tree, house, cocoa, and little girl.

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    Wintry Holiday Tags by Domestifluff

    Modern Christmas gift tags in green, red, and blue.

    They've done it again, this time with a collection of wintry holiday tags.

    Print these lovely Christmas gift tags that feature snowmen, trees, candy canes, and more.

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    Free Christmas Gift Tags From Wee Birdy

    Sheets of Christmas gift tags laying on a table.
    Wee Birdy

    These free, printable Christmas gift tags can be printed in red or in blue.

    I love how when you print them you get so many different styles and shapes. What a great collection.

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    Living Locurto's Printable Christmas Gift Tags & Labels

    Christmas gift tags in modern colors.
    Living Locurto

    Here's another set of printable Christmas gift tags by Living Locurto.

    These incredibly cute holiday gift tags can also be printed out on sticker paper and used as labels.

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    Martha Stewart's Mitten and Stocking Clip-Art Tags

    Christmas gift tags shaped like mittens and stockings.
    Martha Stewart

    You'll have instant mittens and stockings to top your gifts with this set of printable Christmas gift tags by Martha Stewart.

    Make the gift tags even more special by adding buttons, ribbon, or stitching after you print them out.

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    Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags at The Caroline Johansson

    Colorful, modern Christmas gift tags.
    The Caroline Johansson

    I really adore these style Christmas gift tags designed by Caroline Johansson.

    There are nine different printable Christmas tags here that include images of gifts, ribbon, hats, gloves, and hearts.

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    Free Holiday Gift Tags by Whisker Graphics

    Five different styles of Christmas gift tags.
    Whisker Graphics

    These free holiday gift tags by Whisker Graphics feature 10 tags on each sheet with 5 different designs.​​

    Christmas tag designs include a reindeer, Santa belt, and Christmas wishes.

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    Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Paper Crave

    Teal and red holiday gift tags.
    Paper Crave

    These red and teal holiday gift tags by Paper Crave will really make your gift stand out.

    You can also print these in fuchsia and lime, and light and dark blue.

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    Holiday Gift Tags by Orange You Lucky!

    Two large Christmas gift tags.
    Orange You Lucky

    There are two pages here of unique printable Christmas gift tags here that would be so fun to use this year.

    These are so colorful and I think kids especially would love these fun designs.

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    Printable Christmas Gift Tags at Poppies at Play

    Christmas gift tags in red and gray.
    Poppies at Play

    You'll find twelve different designs of printable Christmas gift tags here in gray, red, and white.

    Punch a hole and add a string for an instant add of sophistication to these printable Christmas gift tags.

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    Jones Design Company's Printable Christmas Gift Tags

    Christmas gift tags in red and blue.
    Jones Design Company

    These printable Christmas gift tags come in Christmas red and icy blue as shown here but also come in the color scheme of black/taupe/green.

    Each download will get you a page full of festive Christmas gift tags that are all ready to be printed.

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    Allsorts Printable Elfie Gift Tags

    Christmas gift tags with elves.

    I think everyone on your gift list this Christmas will enjoy these gift tags but especially the kids.

    Each printable Christmas gift tag has a picture of a very cute elf and a place to write your to and from.

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    Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags at Mommy by Day Crafter by Night

    Red and green "Happy Holidays" gift tags.
    Mommy by Day Crafter by Night

    Mommy by Day Crafter by Night has some printable Christmas gift tags to wish everyone on your list "Happy Holidays", "HoHoHo", "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas", and "Merry Christmas".

    All designs come in both green and red and can be printed out each design per page.

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    My Owl Barn's Merry Xmas Gift Tags

    Pink and green Christmas gift tags all featuring owls.
    My Owl Barn

    I adore just about anything with owls on it and these printable Christmas gift tags from My Owl Barn is no exception.

    Designed in cherry pink and green, you won't be able to resist printing off these tags.

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    Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Domestifluff

    Christmas gift tags in red, blue, and gray.

    These are lovely, modern printable holiday gift tags created by Domestifluff.​

    Print out 8 tags per page, each one different from the next.

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    Christmas Gift Tags at A Fanciful Twist

    Fanciful Christmas gift tags.
    A Fanciful Twist

    A Fanciful Twist has designed some wonderfully whimsy printable Christmas gift tags for you.

    Print off a page of these free Christmas gift tags and you'll get seven different designs.

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    Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Creative in Chicago

    A snowman holiday gift tag.
    Creative in Chicago

    I simply adore this snowman printable Christmas gift tag and I think you will too.

    You can download this design and print it as 8 gift tags on the paper of your choice.

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    Christmas Pal Tags From Babalisme

    A Santa and Rudolph Christmas gift tag.

    These free, printable Christmas gift tags are so fun! They feature Santa, Rudolph, and a silhouette. You can find even more tags that feature more holiday pals.

    You could also use these Christmas tags as garland, ornaments, or place cards.

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    Holiday Gift Cards by Hey Susy

    Red and pink holiday gift tags.
    Hey Susy

    Hey Susy has designed some lovely holiday gift cards that just need to be printed, folded, and signed. So easy!

    There are two designs that can be printed here - bows and joy.

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    Holiday Lights Gift Tags by Kristina at Creature Comforts

    A reindeer gift tag on a present.
    Creature Comforts

    I simply adore these printable Christmas gift tags that feature a reindeer and Christmas lights.

    They look very easy to put together and really just makes that gift extra special.

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    Feather Printable Christmas Gift Tags by Basic Invite

    Christmas gift tags shaped like feathers.
    Basic Invite

    If you're looking for some unique printable Christmas gift tags than look no further than these feather-shaped ones from Basic Invite.

    Use one or all of these on your Christmas gifts this year.

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    Printable Christmas Gift Tags From Hello!Lucky

    Three different designs of Christmas gift tags.
    Hello! Lucky

    You can print 6 printable Christmas gift tags on a page when you print these designs from Hello!Lucky.

    The designs include gifts, snowflakes, and confetti.

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    Christmas Wreath Tags From Torta Gialla

    A gift tag with a red border and a wreath.
    Torta Gialla

    These printable Christmas gift tags are a great traditional tag that prints 4 to a page.

    In addition to these free gift tags, there are also printable note cards, labels, and envelopes that match.

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    Funny Holiday Gift Tags from A Girl & a Glue Gun

    A funny Christmas gift tag
    A Girl & a Glue Gun

    If you like to serve your holiday gifts with a side of sarcasm, you'll love these free, printable tags from A Girl & a Glue Gun.

    These holiday tags are red, black, and white checked plaid and have 10 witty sayings that you're friends and family will love.

    After you've printed them out, write in who the gift is to and from.

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    Silhouette Friendly Gift Tags from Mel Stampz

    Christmas gift tags on a table
    Mel Stampz

     If you have a Silhouette cutting machine, you're going to love this free cut file created by Mel Stampz.

    There are 8 different designs that include a tree, ornament, gift, snowflakes, stars, and more.