7 Free, Printable Calendars for 2021

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These free, printable calendars for 2021 won't just keep you organized; they'll also add a splash of color and style to your office, kitchen, or just about any room in your home. They truly meld style and function, and you'll be amazed at the calendars you can get for free.

There's a variety of printable calendars for 2021 here that include monthly calendars as well as complete planners to help you plan every week and even every day.

The styles vary too; you'll find very simple black and white calendars and colorful calendars that are meant to inspire. You really can't go wrong with all the choices here.

If you're looking for a different way to keep organized this year, take a look at these free calendar templates for your favorite word processor.

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    Colorful 2021 Printable Calendar

    January printable calendar in a clipboard

    Short Stop Designs 

    Short Stops Designs has created this 2021 printable calendar which will keep you in style all year round.

    Each month of the free calendar has a fun design included dots, leaves, stripes, and more all in vibrant colors. There's room for you to write on each day, as well as space at the bottom for notes and to do's.

    The calendar can conveniently be downloaded in portrait or landscape page orientation and prints one month per page.

    Colorful 2021 Printable Calendar from Short Stop Designs

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    Printable 3D Calendar for 2021

    Two 3D calendars on a table

    A Piece of Rainbow 

    If you're looking for a unique calendar for this year, you'll want to check out this free 3D 2021 printable calendar from A Piece of Rainbow.

    It may look like a daunting project but take a look at their folding tutorial, and in less time than you think you'll have the calendar cut out, folded, and assembled.

    There's a color version, black and white version, and a cut file if you happen to have a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut. You can also download the black and white version and use a free photo editing program to choose your colors.

    Printable 3D Calendar for 2021 from A Piece of Rainbow

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    Chalkboard Style 2021 Calendar

    A chalkboard calendar with yellow roses

    Botanical Paperworks 

    Botanical Paperworks has four free printable calendars for 2021, each one with a unique style.

    This calendar is a chalkboard style calendar with a stylish black and white color scheme. There's also an eco-tips calendar with recycling quotes and fun botanical images. There's also a calendar that can be colored, one that is boho chic, and another one with inspirational quotes. The last printable calendar is all about geometric shapes in blue, orange, brown, red, and purple. ​​

    All of the printable calendars for 2021 at Botanical Paperworks include a cover page and separate pages for each month of the year.

    Chalkboard Style 2021 Calendar from Botanical Paperworks

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    Modern Floral 2021 Calendar and Monthly Planner

    A woman laying out floral calendar pages

    A Piece of Rainbow 

    This free, printable monthly calendar for 2021 is filled with modern florals drawn in bold colors. All the illustrations are different, each one brighter than the next. This free calendar prints out with one month per each page laid out vertically.

    Modern Floral 2021 Calendar and Monthly Planner from A Piece of Rainbow

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    Floral 2021 Printable Calendar and Extras

    A floral 2021 cover page

    On Sutton Place 

    On Sutton Place has a printable calendar for 2021, with each month having a colorful illustration on the top of the month.

    Besides the monthly calendar pages, the free download also includes a 2021 year-at-a-glance, a weekly planner, a weekly meal planner, a faith planner, and some inspirational free printables. Altogether, it's a 20-page download that will have you set for the rest of the year.

    You will need to sign up for the On Sutton Place newsletter to get this free calendar but it's free, and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

    Floral 2021 Printable Calendar and Extras from On Sutton Place

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    Simple Monthly Calendar for 2021

    Calendar pages for 2021


    The free, printable calendar for 2021 from Landeelu is sure to keep you organized this year.

    This calendar has colorful tabs in green, gray, orange, red, yellow, blue, pink, and purple on the upper-right hand corner of each page that calls out the month. The gray grid and days of the week also make it look sharp.

    At the bottom of each month's calendar, there's a place to write in monthly goals or to-dos.

    Each month prints on its page and it's all together in one quick and easy PDF download. There are portrait and landscape calendars available for download depending on your preference.

    Simple Monthly Calendar for 2021 from Landeelu

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    Watercolor Animal 2021 Printable Calendar

    Watercolors of a fox and deer

    The Cottage Market

    If you're looking for a free, printable calendar for 2021 that has a bit whimsy and a lot of love going on, you'll want to check out this watercolor animal calendar from The Cottage Market.

    The animals included in this 5X7 monthly calendar include a fox, squirrel, lamb, rabbit, dog, mouse, hedgehog, bird, raccoon, cat, and deer. This would be adorable hung up in a nursery or even an office.

    Watercolor Animal 2021 Printable Calendar from The Cottage Market