15 Free, Printable Birthday Cards for Everyone

Young woman reading birthday card
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The free, printable birthday cards below are perfect are a perfect way to wish someone a happy birthday. Just print one out and pop in the mail or hand deliver it to the birthday boy or girl.

These printable birthday cards will save you time, money, while not compromising on style. Some of these look even better than the ones you can easily drop $4 on at the store.

The cards are in a wide variety of styles so you'll find something that's great for no matter gender or age.

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    Free Birthday Cards from I Heart Naptime

    Two birthday cards on a table with sprinkles
    I Heart Naptime

    I Heart Naptime has these very festive birthday cards that are free for you to download and print.

    There are two free cards here, one that says "Happy Happy Happy Birthday" and another that says "Party Time!". 

    Download one or both and print them for everyone you know.

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    Free, Printable Birthday Card from Liz on Call

    A polka dot birthday card on a table
    Liz On Call

    This free, printable "happy birthday to you" card is decorated with green, pink, orange, and black polka dots.

    The inside of the card is left blank so you can add your own message after printing.

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    I Heart Naptime's Printable Birthday Cards

    A birthday card on top of a wrapped gift
    I Heart Naptime

    There are actually three different printable birthday cards designed by I Heart Naptime and they are all a little tongue in cheek.

    Choose from "You're only as old as your most recent selfie looks", "age is not important unless you're a cheese", or "May you live to be so old your driving terrifies people".

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    Free Printable Donut Birthday Card from How About Orange

    A birthday card that says "May Your Birthday Be Sweet"
    How About Orange

    This adorable free, printable birthday card from How About Orange is green, pink, and brown and even includes a picture of a donut. 

    You can download this free card as a PDF file. All you need to do is print it, trim it, and fold it.

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    Printable Birthday Card from Thirty Handmade Days

    Four different colors of Happy Birthday cards.
    Thirty Handmade Days

    These printable birthday cards are cute but simple and would work for any age of person and either gender.

    You can print these cards off in pink, blue, orange, or green. There are four to a page so you'll have some left over for future birthdays.

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    Free, Printable Birthday Card from Design Eat Repeat

    A birthday card that says "In Case You Forgot It's Your B-Day!"
    Design Eat Repeat

    This half-page printable birthday card will prove to the recipient that at least you haven't forgotten their birthday.

    The simple gray, green, and orange text will really make it stand out from the pack of other birthday cards.

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    Many Happy Returns Printable Birthday Card by Susan Connor

    A yellow and pink floral birthday card
    Susan Connor

    This modern floral printable birthday card is from Susan Connor over at How About Orange.

    It's a lovely card that's simple but elegant all at the same time. It would really be great for girls and women of all ages.

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    Printable Birthday Card from Today's Creative Life

    A blue birthday card with an envelope and pencil
    Today's Creative Life

    Each of these free, printable birthday cards come with a matching envelope liner that will help tie the whole card together.

    You can choose from a blue, teal, orange, or pink birthday card each with a different birthday wish on the front.

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    Printable Happy Birthday Card by Creative In Chicago

    A green Happy Birthday card
    Creative in Chicago

    I love this free, printable birthday card because it works as a great card for men, women, boys, girls, and even teenagers.

    You even have your choice of 4 color combinations that you can print this card in.

    It's blank inside giving you the opportunity to give your own birthday wish.