13 Free, Printable Anniversary Cards

Couple Celebrating an Anniversary

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These free, printable anniversary cards are perfect to send to a couple in your life celebrating a wedding anniversary, without breaking the bank. There are even some printable anniversary cards here that would be perfect to send to your honey on your anniversary.

These printable anniversary cards look best when printed on card stock, but in a pinch, any paper will work fine. Some of the cards can be customized before printing while with others you print them out first and write your message of love.

Besides these free, printable anniversary cards there are many other free, printable greeting cards for just about every occasion. We also have free envelope templates that will be a perfect fit for these cards.

If you're looking for a meaningful anniversary gift, consider printing off some free love coupons. They're a great way to show your love and save some money.

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    You Make a Perfect Pear

    An Anniversary Card With Pears That Says "You Make a Perfect Pair"

    Inspiration Made Simple

    Here are three free, printable anniversary cards designed by Inspiration Made Simple that ​are just as cute as can be.

    The one pictured here has two pear people holding hands with the phrase "You Make a Perfect Pear," and the other cards feature peanut butter and jelly people and salt and pepper people.

    There's also a more standard anniversary card towards the bottom of the page that's great for that special couple or that special someone in your life.

    You Make a Perfect Pear from Inspiration Made Simple

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    Love Anniversary Cards

    Four Anniversary Cards in Black, White, and Gold

    Happy Go Lucky

    These four free cards are meant to be Valentine's Day cards, but we think they're even better as anniversary cards. Happy Go Lucky has designed these four cards in black, white, and gold. Two of the cards are perfect for anyone having an anniversary, and the other two proclaim your love with the messages "I love you more than all the stars in the sky" and "I love my life because it gave me you."

    Love Anniversary Cards from Happy Go Lucky

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    Flying Sparks

    A Free, Printable Photo Anniversary Card With Golden Sparks

    Greetings Island

    This free, printable anniversary card lets you insert a favorite photo and add how many years you've been together with golden sparks flying around you. The inside of the card says "Why Stop Now? Love you more than ever!" with the option of adding another photo if you'd like.

    Flying Sparks from Greetings Island

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    Today I Have Loved You For ... Days Card

    An Anniversary Card With How Many Days You'Ve Been Together on It

    Something Turquoise

    Here's a free anniversary card that will make quite a statement about your love as you count up the days of how long you've been together. Something Turquoise has made this into quite the DIY project, but you could certainly print the free template and write in the number of days you've been together after you've printed it.

    Today I Have Loved You For ... Days Card from Something Turquoise

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    Anniversary Script

    A Green and Gold Anniversary Card

    Greetings Island

    You can send this card to each other for your anniversary or to a couple you know who's having an anniversary. It works for all kinds of anniversaries and can be sent to either gender.

    The green and gold make the card pop with the phrase "Happy Anniversary to you." Inside the card says "Here's to another year of good times with you!"

    You can customize any of the text, add your text, or even add a photo inside the card.

    Anniversary Script from Greetings Island

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    Free, Printable Anniversary Card

    Gold and White Anniversary Cards on a Table

    Almost Makes Perfect

     Almost Makes Perfect has designed these very classy printable anniversary cards that are in a simple gold and white design with the phrase "The best is yet to come."

    This is a very versatile card, besides giving it for an anniversary, it could be used for a birthday, engagement, ​wedding, or just about any other occasion.

    Free, Printable Anniversary Card from Almost Makes Perfect

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    Vintage Cassette Tape Card

    A Woman Holding a Cassette Themed Greeting Card

    Online Labels LLC

    This free anniversary card will remind your sweetie of when you first met and listened to those mixed tapes that you made for each other. The card comes in two parts, the cassette card and the label. All the templates that you need to recreate one of these cards are included in the tutorial. You can customize the card with the label on the front and then add a special message inside.

    Vintage Cassette Tape Card from Online Labels LLC

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    Free Printable Anniversary / Any Event Notecards

    An Anniversary Card That Says "I Love Ewe"


    These free, printable anniversary cards can be sent to your honey on your anniversary or any other day you're feeling romantic. Besides this I Love Ewe card, there's also a You Are Deer To Me card you'll want to check out. Just cut them out and flip them over to add your own personal love note.

    Free Printable Anniversary / Any Event Notecards from Embellish

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    Love of My Life Anniversary Card

    An Anniversary Card in Green, Orange, and Yellow

    Greetings Island

    Greetings Island has a free anniversary card that says "Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life" in cheerful colors of green, orange, and yellow. You can completely customize this card by adding stickers or photos and changing the text and layout. 

    Love of My Life Anniversary Card from Greetings Island

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    To My Husband Free, Printable Anniversary Card

    A Blue and Pink Anniversary Card to a Wife'S Husband

    The Grey Tabby

    The Grey Tabby has designed this pretty anniversary card that's for a husband. The blue and pink text and illustrations say "To My Husband, my one true love, my very best friend." The inside is left blank so you can add your own anniversary wishes. Just print, cut, and fold, and hand it over to your lovebug.

    To My Husband Free, Printable Anniversary Card from The Grey Tabby

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    The Best Couple

    A anniversary card with a donut and cup of coffee drawn on it

    Greetings Island

    This adorable Happy Anniversary card features a pink sprinkle donut holding hands with a cup of coffee. It says "I Donut Know What I'd Do Without You." The inside text simply says "Love You" and then gives you enough room to add your own personal message. It's the opportunity to really share how much they mean to you. You can further customize this free, printable anniversary card with multiple layouts, virtual stickers, photos, and text. Print it and hand it to your loved one or send it by email.

    The Best Couple from Greetings Island

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    All In

    A floral anniversary card

    Greetings Island 

    Here's an anniversary card for one person to their significant other. The front of this gorgeous anniversary card has a bouquet of blue, pink, and white flowers bursting out of an envelope with a heart on it. It says "Happy Anniversary". Open the card up and it says "All the love. For You". There are 7 different inner layouts so you can add stickers along with photos.

    All In from Greetings Island

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    A picture of two people on the beach

    Greetings Island

    Add a special photo of you and your significant other with this card that wishes them hugs and kisses. The inside text references how many years it has been and emphasizes how amazing the journey has been. The name on the front of the card can be customized for the recipient as well as the number of anniversaries on the inside of the card. Also on the inside of the card, you can choose from several different layouts, add stickers, insert photos, and customize any and all text. If you'd rather, you can send this card to an email address instead of printing it.

    Polaroid from Greetings Island