How to Sew a Microwavable Potato Bag

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    Gather Supplies

    Finished microwave baked potato bag
    The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove

    These bags can be used in the microwave and make a baked potato that is much more like an oven-baked potato than a potato you just nuke in the microwave. The skins come out nearly as crispy as oven-baked potatoes. Although you might want to make these bags larger, they must be able to rotate inside the microwave without the walls touching the corners of the bag.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cotton thread
    • 100 percent cotton batting 
    • 1/4 yard (or more) of 45-inch wide cotton fabric (preshrink)
    • 1/4 yard (or more) of 45-inch wide cotton unbleached muslin (preshrink)

    Tools You'll Need

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    Prepare the Fabric

    Pinning the layers
    The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove
    • Trim the selvages off of the fabric and muslin.
    • The fabric should be 9 or 10 inches wide by half the length of the piece of fabric. 
    • Cut all layers and stack them with the right sides of the fabric together and the batting against the wrong side of the muslin.
    • Round off the corners on one end of the rectangle. Leave the opposite end with squared corners.
    • Pin all the layers together with the edges aligned.
    • On one long side edge, toward the center, leave an opening 3- to 4-inches wide to turn the fabrics right sides out. Put two straight pins at each end of the 3- to 4-inch opening as a reminder to leave that area open when you sew the edges.
    • Sew the edges using a scant 1/4- to 1/4-inch seam allowance.
    • Turn the fabric right side out so that the batting is sandwiched between the fabric and the muslin.
    • Press so the seam is to the edge.
    • Press under the area you left open so that it is equal to the rest of the seam.
    • Pin the open area to hold it in place.
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    Quilt the Fabric

    Quilting for the potato bag
    The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove

    When you quilt the fabric, remember that all batting has stitching requirements so that it will hold up to laundering. That means the quilting stitches cannot be further than four inches apart.  Always check the instructions for the specific batting you are using to make sure it will be sewn properly for laundering.

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    Finish the Bag

    Quilted and finished potato bag
    The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove
    • Measure five inches down on the sides from the top with the curved edges.
    • Bring the squared end up to the five-inch mark folding the fabric to create the bag.
    • Pin the sides in place aligning the edges.
    • Starting at the folded edge, stitch along the edge, stitching as close to the edge as possible but make sure you are sewing through all of the layers. A guide on your sewing machine will assure that your stitching is straight.
    • Sew around the edge, backstitching at the top of the bag pouch and continuing around the flap, backstitching again when you reach the other edge of the bag, and then stitch to the fold again.
    • Press the flap closed.