10 Free Poinsettia Crochet Patterns

Crochet a Christmas Flower Decoration

poinsettia crochet christmas wreath free pattern

December 12 is National Poinsettia Day. This beautiful bold flower is symbolic of the Christmas holidays, and a crochet poinsettia makes a perfect addition to seasonal decor. These 10 crochet flower patterns are ideal Christmas crochet patterns and can also be adapted with different colors to make lovely crochet creations all year long.

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    Crochet Flower

    Poinsettia Flower Crochet Tutorial
    Sher Jenks, Fly the Coop Crafts

    Sher Jenks of Fly the Coop Crafts has put together a photo-rich set of instructions for making beautiful classic poinsettia crochet flowers. She provides details for making them in three different sizes so that you can adapt them to a variety of different holiday projects.

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    Crochet Wreath

    poinsettia crochet christmas wreath free pattern

    This is one of the most beautiful free poinsettia crochet patterns out there. The flower design itself is terrific, and it comes with a tutorial to make a crochet wreath. This is perfect for Christmas decorating. This free Christmas crochet pattern is by Yarn Twist.

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    Puff Poinsettia

    Puff Stitch Poinsettia Flower
    Joanne Loh, Craft Passion

    This fun twist on the traditional poinsettia uses a pretty puff stitch to make cushy coasters. They're perfect for all of your holiday parties. A set of them would also make a great gift set. This is a free Christmas crochet pattern by Joanne Loa over at Craft Passion. She also shows you that the flowers can double as Christmas ornaments.

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    Crochet Potholder

    Poinsettia Potholder FREE Crochet Pattern
    Joyce A. Hodnett

    Turn the poinsettia theme into a functional item with this free crochet potholder pattern by Joyce A. Hodnett. These are a great way to turn your holiday dinner parties into a festive event, and of course, potholders also make terrific quick Christmas presents for others.

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    Wine Cozy

    Poinsettia Wine Cozy FREE Crochet Pattern
    Pia, Stitches N Scraps.com

    A go-to gift at the holidays is always wine. It works for almost anyone (of age), whether you know them well or not, making it great to give as a gift wherever you are invited or whenever an extra person arrives at one of your gatherings. Crochet wine cozies make that generic gift more personal, and this free crochet wine cozy pattern is decorated with a festive poinsettia to spread holiday cheer. It's designed by Pia of Stitches n Scraps.

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    Tea Light Candle

    Poinsettia Tea Light Crochet Cozy
    Seasons Crochet

    Pop a battery-operated tea light candle into this cute crochet flower cozy and you've instantly got a warm seasonal decor item. This is a great idea for something to make all year long, changing up the colors to make different types of flowers, but it works especially well as a poinsettia for the holidays.

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    Granny Square

    Poinsettia Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern
    Baking Outside the Box

    This is a beautiful free crochet pattern for a Christmas poinsettia. The instructions also show how it can be attached to the center of a white granny square, which could then be used to make cushions, blankets and more. The pattern is free but you have to sign up for a free newsletter membership to get access to it.

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    Flower Pattern With Video Tutorial

    Crochet Poinsettia Flower Pattern FREE Video Tutorial
    mary j handmade

    Some people work better from video tutorials than from photo tutorials. If that describes you then you might want to check out this free crochet poinsettia flower pattern that's available from Mary J Handmade as a video tutorial in both Italian and English.

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    Easy Crochet Poinsettia

    Easy FREE Crochet Pattern for Poinsettia
    Donna Wilby

    Crochet designer Donna Wilby describes this as a really quick and simple free crochet pattern. Sometimes the poinsettia can be daunting because of its many layers but here she shows how to do a simpler version that can be made in a single color (such as red) or layered on top of other colors (such as white or green). This is a Ravelry download pattern.

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    Crochet Hot Pad

    Poinsettia Crochet Hot Pad FREE Pattern
    Vicki Blizzard, Talking Crochet

    This is a free crochet pattern by Vicki Blizzard for two matching checkered Christmas hot pads. They each come with an appliqué—one is the poinsettia and the other is holly berries. Together, a pair of these will make a terrific Christmas present for any bakers that you know.