13 Free Playhouse Plans

Free Plans to Help You Build a Playhouse for the Kids

Boy in wooden playhouse holding binoculars

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These free playhouse plans will help you create a great place for your kids or grandkids to play for hours on end. Not only will they have a blast with the finished playhouse, you'll have a great time building this fun project where you get to add details for everyone to enjoy.

There are many different styles of playhouse plans below, all the way from the traditional playhouse to playhouses that are really more like forts. I also have some free tree house plans if you want to put your playhouse up in the sky or free swing set plans for more fun. You could also use a shed plan with an added window for a more practical playhouse.

All the free playhouse plans include blueprints, diagrams, and written building steps. Some also include color photos, videos, and user submissions of finished playhouses.

After you've browsed through the free playhouse plans, be sure to look at my other free woodworking plans for toy boxes, bunk beds, picnic tables, dog houses, porch swings, decks, and bookcases.

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    Easy Playhouse Plan from The House of Wood

    A modern wooden playhouse.
    House of Wood

    If you are looking for a playhouse that's modern yet still classic, this free plan from The House of Wood might be just what you're looking for.

    The downloadable plans include a shopping list, required tool list, diagrams, color photos, cut list, and building instructions.​

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    A Handmade Hideaway from The Handmade Home

     The Handmade Home

    The Handmade Home has designed a free playhouse plan called A Handmade Hideaway. It consists of an elevated deck, and A-frame structure, and plenty of fun details.

    A supply list, cut list, and price breakdown are all included in the plan. There are detailed instructions for building the base, the walls, the railing and shutters, as well as the roof.

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    The Wendy House Playhouse Plan by BuildEazy

    A playhouse with a front porch, windows, and door.

    Here's a more feminine playhouse plan, The Wendy House, that includes a front porch. You can look at photos users have submitted to get a better idea of what the finished playhouse can look like.

    The free playhouse plan includes a materials list, buildimg instructions, cutting lists, and diagrams.

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    A Place Imagined Free Playhouse Plan

    A small playhouse with a window and door.
    A Place Imagined

    Here's a free playhouse plan for a traditional playhouse that's the perfect size for a backyard and can be customized just the way you want.

    A free download of these playhouse plans includes a material list, exterior elevations, site preparation and base plan, floor plan, roof frame plan and details, section and window details, and a rafter template.

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    Unique Playhouse Plan from DIY Network

    A playhouse with stairs, a bench, and a fold-down roof.
    DIY Network

    Forget your traditional square playhouse with this free plan from DIY Network. Instead you'll have a unique playhouse with stairs and a bench, that can all be folded away when not in use.

    Diagrams, lists, and building instructions will help you get this playhouse built in no time.

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    Ana White's Free Playhouse Plans

    A raised playhouse with a slide and climbing wall.
    Ana White

    Ana White has a free playhouse plan that uses plywood for the walls, making it a quick project perfect for the beginner.

    These free playhouse plans include color photos, diagrams, a materials and tools list, a cut list, building instructions, and user photos.

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    Palette Playhouse by Jkratman for Instructables

    A yellow and pink wooden playhouse.

    This free playhouse plan uses shipping palettes and reclaimed wood for the majority of the structure. It looks like a fun project and cheap one - it was built for less than $120!

    There are tons of color pictures and detailed instructions to help you build a playhouse just like this one.

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    Georgia Pacific's Free Playhouse Plan

    Caucasian construction worker sawing wood planks
    Jeff Greenough / Getty Images

    Georgia Pacific has a free download of a playhouse plan that builds a great looking playhouse on an 8x8 piece of land.

    This free playhouse plan includes a materials list, building directions, diagrams, and finishing details.

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    American Gothic Playhouse Plan from Southern Pine

    A black and white photo of a girl in front of a Gothic style playhouse
     Southern Pine

    A free PDF download of the American Gothic Playhouse plan includes a materials list, tools list, construction steps, and blueprints.

    Your finished project will be this stunning playhouse fit for your little king or queen.

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    HGTV's Free Fort Plans

    Girl mending treehouse
    Peter Mason / Getty Images

    Why build a playhouse when you can build a fort? This free fort plan from HGTV will help you build this very cool fort that the kids will love.

    Building steps, helpful tips, and color pictures will help you get this fort built.

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    Playhouse Plan from How To Specialist

    An illustration of a simple playhouse
    How To Specalist

    Here's a plan for a simple playhouse that includes walls, a floor, roof, door, and a window.

    The playhouse plan includes a materials list, diagrams, and step-by-step building instructions.

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    BuildEazy's Kid's Play Fort Project

    Side view of smiling girl playing in wooden toy house
    Maskot / Getty Images

    If you're looking for the extreme playhouse plan then this fort project from BuildEazy is right up your alley. Included in the design is a trap door, climbing wall, swing, and slide.

    You'll find a pictorial summary, written instructions, shopping list, and user photos and comments in this free playhouse plan.

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    Outdoor Playhouse Plan from My Outdoor Plans

    Happy boy and girl in playhouse
    Johner Images / Getty Images

    This playhouse plan will build you a structure with three windows and a door that makes a simple yet fun playhouse.

    Included in the free playhouse plan is a materials list, tool tips, diagrams, and written directions.