10 Easy Crochet Jewelry Patterns

No Wire, Beads, or Special Materials Required

crocheted necklace

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Many crochet jewelry patterns require you to work with wire, beads, metal clasps and other special materials. There are some great patterns out there for people who want to do that. But what if you just want to use your crochet hook with some thread and yarn, perhaps maybe a simple button or two? Then these are the easy crochet jewelry patterns for you.

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    Thread Crochet Necklace / Bracelet Pattern

    Thread Crochet Flower and Leaf Necklace

    Beth Herman, Ravelry 

    Learn how to work Turkish crochet (also called oya) to make beautiful, detailed thread crochet jewelry. This one looks like a vine with flowers and leaves emerging from it. You can work it as long or short as you like, which means that you can crochet a necklace or bracelet using the same pattern.

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    Daisy Bib Crochet Necklace Free Pattern

    Daisy Crochet Necklace


    Here's a completely different take on a crochet flower necklace. In this one, you'll make six large crochet daisies. You'll join them in a triangle to create a bib necklace. It's a bold accessory that is particularly well suited to spring. Tweens might like this one but you could wear it as an adult as well.

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    Coral Crochet Necklace Free Pattern

    Colorful Crochet Necklace

    The Little Treasures

    Wow - what a statement piece! Use bold colors and creative stitches to create a coral-inspired crochet necklace. It's got curly fringe and round bead-like "corals." People who are interested in a slightly challenging piece of crochet jewelry that doesn't require you to get any extra materials beyond yarn and hook will find that this one likely fits the bill.

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    Crochet Landscape Rings Pattern

    Crochet Rings

    Woolbags, Etsy 

    Use simple crochet stitches to make three different landscape-inspired ring designs. One is inspired by the beach, one by woodlands, and the other by a cityscape. You'll only need to use slip stitch, chains, single crochet, and double crochet stitches. Plus you'll only need tiny scraps of yarn for this project. Once you've worked on the patterns provided, you'll probably have enough information to create crochet rung designs from your own inspirations.

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    Dramatic Crochet Bracelet Pattern

    Crochet Bracelet

     Jude Butterworth, Ravelry

    You don't have to have a lot of bells and whistles to create a very striking piece of jewelry. This crochet bracelet is made with just a thread and a hook. You don't need to do anything special to get the shape; it's all done in the stitch choice. What a dramatic statement piece that's not very hard to crochet! If you're intrigued by how shaping happens in crochet then this is a fun one to play with.

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    Bobble Crochet Necklace Pattern

    Crochet Bobble Stitch Necklace

    Burgundy and Blush Crochet 

    Add a textured stitch like crochet bobbles to a simple yarn chain and you get an effect that looks a lot like beads. What a great way to create crochet jewelry without requiring any extra materials. If you're looking for a beginner crochet jewelry pattern then this is a good place to start.

    You can also use bobbles in different ways to create different types of crochet jewelry designs. For example, a long row of single crochet with periodic bobbles will look like beads strung along a necklace chain.

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    Woven Ribbon Crochet Choker Necklace Free Pattern

    Woven Ribbon Crochet Necklace

    Make a simple crochet necklace and then weave in ribbons to create a rainbow design. The designer notes that instead of ribbons you could crochet chains and weave those in to the necklace. Although it's designed as a choker necklace, you could make it a bracelet or headband as well. Once you have the basic technique down, you can adjust it to create your own jewelry designs. Play around with different colors if you want an effect that differs from the rainbow.

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    Buttoned Crochet Bracelet Pattern

    Crochet Bracelet with Button

    Joyce Geisler, Ravelry 

    Once you're ready to start adding in some additional materials, the best bet is to go with buttons. They're a new element but they're very simple to add to crochet jewelry. This bracelet consists of several crochet motifs including squares and triangles that are joined together with a button closure. Joining jewelry with a button helps give you a more secure fit than just using crochet alone.

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    Kelp-Inspired Crochet Necklace

    Kelp Crochet Necklace

    Interweave Crochet 

    Celebrate the organic shapes in nature with this eye-catching crochet necklace that's been inspired by kelp. Use basic crochet stitches in unique ways to create this design. It closes with a small button at the back.

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    Thread Crochet Flower Necklace Free Pattern

    Crochet Flowers

    Crocheting Kay

    This detailed pattern teaches you how to make seven different thread crochet flowers. You'll string them together to create a beautiful necklace. Alternatively, you could wear this as a flower crown headband.