Free Paper Tray or Basket Templates

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    Free Folded Paper Tray Template

    Folded Paper Tray
    Kate Pullen

    Make this simple paper basket to display decorated eggs and other Easter and spring decorations

    Use one of the free printable templates on the following below to make a pretty folded paper tray in three different styles. This folded paper tray is easy to make and can be used in a variety of ways. The template is available in two sizes and with two options for construction. Either adhere the sides together with glue or double-sided tape or tie the edges together with ribbon. Stitching is an interesting variation as this holds the edges of the tray together while adding additional detail. Use a contrasting colored ribbon to emphasize the stitching. Tie a bow through the holes shown in the template or make a row of stitches as demonstrated in the picture above.

    To save the images to your computer, simply right-click and select "save as." To copy it to a word processing document for resizing and printing, right click and select "copy" and then right-click on the document and select "paste."

    How to Make a Folded Paper Tray

    1. Print one of the templates onto scrap paper and transfer to a piece of cardstock.
    2. Cut around the template and score along the fold lines, this will give a good crisp edge.
    3. Stamp and decorate the paper as required.
    4. Depending on your chosen method for constructing the tray, either pierce holes for the stitching using the guidelines on the template or in another position if preferred and stitch the edges of the box together, or, if you are using the template with flaps, glue the flaps together to form the tray.
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    Free Printable Folded Paper Tray Template - Stitching

    Folded Paper Tray
    Kate Pullen

    This template has straight edges for you to stitch together.

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    Free Printable Folded Paper Tray Template - Glued

    Folded Paper Tray Template
    Kate Pullen

    This template has flaps that can be glued to hold the sides of the tray in shape.

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    Free Printable Folded Paper Tray Template - Small

    Folded Paper Tray Template - Small
    Kate Pullen

    This template contains two templates which are smaller versions of the stitched and glued edge folded paper tray templates.