6 Free Online Word Search Games

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Take advantage of your kids' love for computer games and show them these free online word search games. They can have all the fun of playing computer games and you'll know that they're learning new vocabulary and working on their spelling skills.

These online word search games can also be a lot of fun for adults, so don't be afraid to take a break and try your hand at one of these time wasters. It's a great way to keep your mind sharp during the day.

Find more fun with daily online word search games and printable word search puzzles for kids.

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    Daily Word Search

    A screen shot of "Daily Word Search" at Word Games.
    Word Games

    You can get your daily fix of word search from Word Games, in easy, medium, or hard. Each day is a new puzzle to challenge you to find as many words as you can. Every puzzle has a certain theme to it, presented with an interesting fact. The whole puzzle is based on that clue.

    Once you find a word from the list, hold and drag it to select it. If you get stuck, there are three hints available that will show you the first letter of one of the hidden words. You may find hidden words that are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and even backward. The timer is ticking so complete these online word search games as quickly as possible to make it to the top of the Best Times list.

    Daily Word Search from Word Games

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    Daily Word Search Game

    A word search puzzle about Christian Dior


    Each and every day, AARP has a new online word search puzzle that you can play for free. Each puzzle has a theme and there's a new one every day. All you need to do is use your mouse to select the word or phrase that's hidden within the puzzle. Feeling stuck? You have 3 hints available for each game. There's a high scoreboard so you can see how you rank against other plays today, this week, and this month.

    Daily Word Search Game from AARP

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    24/7 Word Search

    An online word search puzzle

    24/7 Games

    How many hidden words can you find inside of this online word search puzzle from 24/7 Games? When you begin the game you get to choose from easy, medium, hard, and expert. The tougher the level, the more words you'll have to find. You're timed as you play so you can play over and over again to try to beat your time.

    24/7 Word Search from 24/7 Games

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    The Word Search

    A word find about French words

    Cool Math Games

    The Word Search has puzzles by popular categories. Fun categories like television shows, celebrities, animals, and kids, are available to play. As you select the letters, a word will light up on the puzzle and be crossed off on the list, meaning that you got it correct.

    You can also choose the grid layout to make it even more challenging. This changes the squares into more complicated shapes, making the words appear more hidden. Settings give you options on how the game functions such as dragging or tapping letters to create words.

    There's also a word search maker available here so you can make your own online word search puzzle! Enter a title, description, a word list of 10-30 words, and a subject. The website will automatically generate a puzzle for you.

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    The Daily Word Search from Shockwave Games

    A screenshot of "The Daily Word Search" game.

    Shockwave Games

    Begin the online word search game, The Daily Word Search, by choosing easy, medium, or hard. If you choose "easy," the words will only appear forwards, otherwise, you'll get horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Hints are available but they'll add 10 seconds to the clock. Can you make it to the top of the daily, weekly, or even all-time chart?

    The Daily Word Search from Shockwave Games