7 Free Online Easter Games

Online Easter game

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These free online Easter games are just what your kids need to get them excited about Easter. There are Easter puzzle games, cooking games, sports games, and more here.

All these games are kid-friendly, and the kids will love how easy they are to learn. If you're lucky, they'll spend the whole afternoon with these free online Easter games! The kids are sure to love these free Easter word searches or Easter games to play outside, too.

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    Sara's Cooking Class: Easter Sugar Cookies

    Making virtual sugar cookies

    Girls Go Games

    Follow Sara's directions and make Easter sugar cookies in this fun online Easter cooking game. In the first level, you'll add all the ingredients together and mix everything up. Move onto the next level and you'll get to cut out your cookies and bake them. The final level has you make the icing and add it to the cookies. You really get to use your creativity when you decorate the cookies. You'll get extra points for making the cookies from start to finish before the time is up.

    A recipe for Sara's Easter sugar cookies is also available so you can even make real cookies after playing the game.

    Sara's Cooking Class: Easter Sugar Cookies from Girls Go Games

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    Carrot Quest

    The second level of Carrot Quest

    Primary Games

    Use the Easter bunny to collect the bags of carrots into the goal with as few pushes as you can in the free online Easter game, Carrot Quest. This is a fun game that also incorporated some problem-solving.

    There are 20 levels in Carrot Quest, including a tutorial to help you learn how to play the game. Each level gets more and more challenging in this fun problem-solving online Easter game.

    Carrot Quest from Primary Games

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    Chicken Jump

    A chicken jumping into the sky


    Chicken Jump is an addictive online Easter game where you make your chicken jump from platform to platform to see just how high he can go. While you're busy jumping, you'll also need to collect the purple dice for points and springs for higher jumps.

    If your chicken falls to the ground, the game is over and you'll have to start again.

    Chicken Jump from AGame

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    Easter Egg Hop

    An Easter bunny chasing baby chicks

    Primary Games

    You're Hopper, a trainee Easter bunny and you'll need to use your mouse to guide your bunny around the screen to collect eggs, baby chicks, and turbo butterflies. Watch out for those hens - they peck and will briefly make you so mixed up you can't move. Complete a level successfully, and you'll get to move on to the next. Complete all the levels, and you'll become a full-time Easter Bunny.

    You'll find that this Easter game is not only fun but challenging. You can choose easy, medium, or hard mode when you start the game so you can make it as easy-going or as tough as you want.

    Easter Egg Hop from Primary Games

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    Easter Basketball

    Playing virtual basketball with Easter eggs


    Shoot your Easter eggs to try to get as many in the basket as you can. There's an aiming tool that will help you get them in.

    You have 60 seconds to get 21 eggs in the basket in this fun online Easter game. Can you do it?

    Easter Basketball from theKidzPage

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    Easter Egg Catch Game

    Catching Easter eggs in a basket

    A Kids Heart

    How many falling Easter eggs can you catch in your basket? Use your mouse to see! The more you play the faster the eggs fall. Just watch out for the rotten eggs and eggs with bombs in this fun online Easter game, when you get four of them your game is over. Be sure to get the golden eggs; they're worth both bonus points and bonus time.

    When the games over, you'll get to see our score and how many of each type of egg you caught.

    Easter Egg Catch Game from A Kids Heart

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    Bugged Bunny

    A rabbit racing down a path

    Squigly's Games

    Bugged Bunny is an action online Easter game where you have to guide Bugged Bunny through obstacles and dangers like spikes and bugs. Collect items along your path like carrots and lightning rods and you'll get bonus points and increase your speed. Can you make it to the finish line in time?

    Bugged Bunny at Squigly's Games