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Online Easter game

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These free online Easter games are just what your kids need to get them excited about Easter. There are Easter puzzle games, cooking games, sports games, and more here.

All these games are kid-friendly, and the kids will love how easy they are to learn. If you're lucky, they'll spend the whole afternoon with these free online Easter games! The kids are sure to love these free Easter word searches or Easter games to play outside, too.

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    Easter Egg Hop

    An easter bunny chasing baby chicks

    Primary Games

    You're Hopper, a trainee Easter bunny and you'll need to use your mouse to guide your bunny around the screen to collect eggs, baby chicks, and turbo butterflies. Watch out for those hens - they peck and will briefly make you so mixed up you can't move. Complete a level successfully, and you'll get to move on to the next. Complete all the levels, and you'll become a full-time Easter Bunny.

    You'll find that this Easter game is not only fun but challenging. You can choose easy, medium, or hard mode when you start the game so you can make it as easy-going or as tough as you want.

    Easter Egg Hop from Primary Games

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    Easter Chicks Memory

    baby chicks hidden behind eggs


    This classic memory game is Easter-themed, with baby chickens in different poses, hidden behind each egg. Select one, and then another, until you find all the matches. There are 24 eggs here, so make a dozen matches to clear the board and finish the game. Is your memory sharp enough?

    This is a full-page game that makes everything easier to see and click, making it perfect for the little ones who are just learning memory games. As you play the game and make a match, those cards are removed from the game.

    Easter Chicks Memory from theKidzPage

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    Happy Easter

    A rabbit throwing eggs to another rabbit in a hot air balloon

    Squigly's Games

    Toss some eggs to your bunny friend in the hot air balloon, or miss and watch the chicks instantly hatch on the ground. Drag your mouse from the Easter egg away from the hot air balloon, and then aim correctly to launch the egg to your flying friend. There are two skill settings you can choose from before you start the game, easy and hard. You get one point for every egg you get into the hot air balloon. Can you beat your best score?

    Happy Easter at Squigly's Games

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    Make an Easter Egg

    Easter egg with custom letters and stickers


    If decorating Easter eggs is a tradition in your house, you'll be happy to know there's a digital version. Choose a color and brush size, and doodle all over the egg to make it yours. You can write your name or anything else you'd like on the egg. There are also stickers and letters you can drag onto the egg.

    When you're done decorating the outside of the egg, the fun is just beginning. The second page of this game includes toys you can hide inside the egg. There are sorts of little creates, cards, and even a piece of cake. Finally, you can hide the Easter egg and then hand off the game to someone else to have them find it. It's like your own Easter egg hunt, but right on the screen!

    Make an Easter Egg from ABCya!

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    Easter Blast

    Easter blast game

    Squigly's Games

    Aim and throw Easter eggs to attach them to other eggs of the same color. Get three together, and they'll disappear. Every time you throw an egg, you're one step closer to the wall moving down, which will eventually cause you to lose! The eggs are quite detailed so pay special attention before you toss up an egg.

    How many levels can you get through? Tip: take advantage of the wall to bounce your eggs into hard-to-reach places.

    Easter Blast at Squigly's Games

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    Bunny Jump

    Bunny Jump easter game

    Safe Kid Games

    The concept is simple: collect the eggs. But can you avoid the mushrooms? If you touch one, the game is immediately over. Then you can view your score and even keep track of the best score you've earned.

    This is a click-only game, so all you need is your mouse. Click once, and then again, to double-jump. See how high you can get before a mushroom catches you.

    Bunny Jump at Safe Kid Games